Cooking Classes in Miami

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What makes The Food Theater stand out?

We provide fun, hands-on, interactive cooking classes with a focus on great food and cooking skills. Our corporate team-building events and private group events provide the perfect setting to say thank you to your company team and valued clients.

What’s the vibe at The Food Theater like?

We have a modern, state-of-the-art kitchen. It’s open and bright to welcome guests into the kitchen and make them feel at home.

What inspired you to start this business?

A love of good food and a desire to bring techniques and information to others who desire to learn and be fed in a social atmosphere. A passion to connect great local chefs in a teaching environment with people who want to do more than just occupy a seat.

Describe your average customer.

Most of our clients love to cook or want to have an above-average knowledge of food and cooking.

6910 S Lewis Ave

The designers at Kitchen Concepts consider every angle of a client’s kitchen to create intricate, detailed design plans. Based on these, a production team crafts custom cabinetry in a range of styles, from ornately hand-carved to sleek and functional. A range of accessory options help keep kitchenware organized without labeling forks with Dewey decimal numbers.

2133 E 69th St

Although nutritional supplements and pills can help boost one’s health and weight loss, nothing can substitute natural, healthy eating. This is a lesson Eat Your Medicine’s Brandie Schwartz shares with each of her clients. A trained medical professional, Schwartz focuses her attention on nutrition’s benefits. She found that implementing healthier eating habits into a daily routine, along with regular exercise and knowledge of healthier whole-food recipes, dramatically enriched one's health.

Today, Schwartz works to spread that wellness to others. She supports clients through healthy life coaching, teaching them about nutritious foods, helping them to reduce cravings, and assisting them in setting goals, whether they want to lose weight or finally stop redecorating their pantry. She also provides personalized meal planning, healthy cooking parties, grocery shopping tours, and personal-chef services.

1722 S Glenstone Ave., Suite HH, GG