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  • Pro Oil Change Toronto
    Whether you take your automobile to Auto Pro or CarFix, your personal vehicle will be in the hands of a specially trained staff of engine experts ready to coat the battered insides of piston-powered car hearts with fresh oil. A new oil filter is fitted to strain engine grime and misplaced hors d’oeuvre toothpicks from the lubricating oil flow, while a brand new pair of wiper blades ensures that inclement weather runoff is quickly whisked away, and produce is efficiently cleared from windshields after you've driven through inconveniently placed fruit stands. Additionally, a state emissions inspection preps vehicles for their pollution check-ups, keeps Johnny Q. Law out of the picture, and assures owners they haven’t been pumping gas tanks full of home-brewed naphtha. Prepare for memorable road trips and glide down winding roads more smoothly than a buttered-up bobsled thanks to today’s Groupon.
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    646 Cathcart Blvd.
    Sarnia, ON CA
  • Prestige Car Wash
    The staff at Prestige Car Wash brings the sheen out of vehicles of all types with exterior and interior detailing options. Techs can quickly spruce up cars and trucks with express exterior soft-cloth washes, or meticulously clean insides and outsides with a ten-step full-service wash. In addition to wiping down door panels and polishing glass panes, specialists can also shield paint jobs from rust or glitterbombs with protective coats of triple foam wax and Rain-X.
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    1001 Huron Boulevard
    Marysville, MI US
  • Ball Equipment
    Since 1944, Ball Equipment has furnished customers not only with powerful, brand name outdoor equipment, but also a knowledgeable staff with the skills to keep their gear in proper shape. A collection of new and pre-owned Cub Cadet riding mowers, Troy-Bilt tillers and Husqvarna chainsaws keep nature at bay, while ATVs and snowmobiles by Polaris help adventurers get some much-needed wind in their hair. To keep gas-powered goodies in working order, engine professionals offer tune-up services ranging from changing oil and filters to replacing mower blades bent after an accidental collision with the kids' pet cannonball.
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    294 S Elk St
    Sandusky, MI US

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