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The technicians at National Laser Therapy Clinics of Canada use modern technology to wipe out unhealthy cravings, unwanted body hair, and unloved tattoos. By applying low-level lasers to acupressure points on the ears, hands, or feet, they help stimulate the release of addiction-crushing endorphins. These treatments have helped clients give up tobacco, alcohol, and bad eating habits without the risks of cigarettes coated in cayenne pepper or pharmaceuticals. Hair-removal and tattoo-removal services harness laser power to stop hair in its active-growth phase or break down unwanted ink.

645 Queen St E
Sault Ste. Marie,

You're paddling along the Les Cheneaux Islands as cicadas buzz in the trees and gentle currents lap against your kayak when you catch sight of a fish flitting through the murky water below. Woods and Water Ecotours packages moments like this and shares them with anyone craving an adventure. Its kayaking, hiking, and bicycle tours explore Michigan's wilderness areas in short one-day bursts. Crawl through karst to see an underground waterfall, cross-country ski across the Lake Michigan dunes in search of woodpeckers, or paddle under Mackinac Bridge and learn about the stories behind this historic landmark. Guides focus on ecotourism, making sure explorers see nature without damaging the environment by disturbing delicate flora or sewing wigs out of seaweed.

20 S Pickford Ave.