Podiatrist in Verona

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  • Bromberg M H PA
    Jes A. Gichan has been in the beauty industry for more than 15 years and has worked with high-end hair names such as Aveda and Sebastian International. Now Jes trims and layers tresses into dynamic styles as the owner of JAG Salon. While waiting on their highlights to set, clients can question Jes about her many signature services such as hair-thinning therapy, deep-conditioning treatments, and rigging bike baskets to handlebar mustaches.
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    315 Broad St
    Bloomfield, NJ US
  • A Beautiful Foot
    Doctor Sal Guadino, DPM does more than the average foot doctor. Most days, he's assisting clients at Brooklyn Podiatry Associates. Other days, he takes on a range of cases, serving as a surgeon for the New York State trooper police. In both roles, Dr. Guadino treats a number of conditions that range from minor annoyances to major inconveniences. As he works, he uses high-end equipment including a diagnostic ultrasound that reveals the status of bones, pain points, screws, and lost coins via XI-scan imaging.
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    148 Route 31
    Flemington, NJ US
  • Henry Slomowitz
    Not even x-rays see all. Dr. Henry Slomowitz recognized this more than a decade ago, becoming an early adopter of diagnostic ultrasound, which can identify problems that a foot might normally hide from an x-ray. Diagnostic ultrasound is only the tip of the technological iceberg—aided by his staff of four, Dr. Slomowitz performs laser nail-fungus treatments and radio-frequency heel pain relief, among other advanced services.
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    265 E 33rd St
    Paterson, NJ US
  • Liberty Drug & Surgical Pharmacy
    We are a full service pharmacy & premier compounding center specializing in providing customized prescription medications for adult, pediatric & veterinary patients. Our areas of expertise include hormone replacement therapy & anti-aging therapies, pain management, hospice care, pediatric preps, & nutritional counseling.
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    195 Main Street
    Chatham Township, NJ US
  • Jersey City
    Led by podiatric Dr. Sid Sharma and Dr. Shital Sharma, the medical doctors at One Podiatry provide a long-term solution to the fungal infections that cause toenails to appear thick, brittle, discolored, and otherwise unsightly. They accomplish this by using cosmetic laser systems, which delivers pulses of laser light energy through the nail to destroy the fungal growth without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues. The laser can eradicate the infection in as little as one 10-minute procedure, which allows healthy nails to regrow over the next two to four months?roughly the amount of time it takes a book club to discuss the thesaurus's newest edition.
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    610 Washington Blvd
    Jersey City, NJ US
  • Adult & Pediatric Foot & Ankle Care
    Board-certified Dr. Hawawini heads up this foot-focused clinic, where he works to address individual problems. Dr. Hawawini believes that feet are the foundation of the body, and aims to support the well-being of that base to ensure toes don't begin kicking cinderblocks to get attention. He responds to any questions and concerns as he corrects lower-extremity diseases and issues, helping to ensure his patients are as pain-free as possible.
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    115 Brunswick St.
    Jersey City, NJ US