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For 19 years, the staff at Class Act Salon and Spa has been doling out dozens of salon and spa treatments designed to meet the needs of every face, body, and head of hair. Along the way, the salon's hairstylists have earned a reputation for repairing strands suffering from bad dye jobs or perms, carefully applying corrective color treatments and softening frizzy poufs with the CHI permanent-straightening system or custom-designed root perms. To help clients choose the best cut for their face shape, a computer-imaging system lets them see what they would look like capped in various styles or with George Clooney's chin and presents them with a take-home DVD or VHS as a reference. Heads boasting little hair to work with can find several options for filling out their follicle count, including laser hair therapy, hair integration, and wigs or permanent attachments. For those with too much hair, needleless electrolysis swiftly evicts up to 10 hairs at a time without lasers or a court-ordered removal, and microdermabrasion and herbal peels escort dry, dull skin cells from the skin's surface to let softer, smoother skin move in.

6410 Weber Rd
Corpus Christi,

When Food Network celebrity chef Guy Fieri roams the country in search of down-home eats on his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, he follows his gut. Rarely, though, does he stumble upon a “culinary compound.” But such was the case when he and his film crew visited Texas Pride Barbecue, where “It’s all about Texas,” as owner Tony Talanco told the San Antonio Express-News.

The haven of Texas-style barbecue juts out from the tall grasses, mesquite trees, and barbecue-sauce waterfalls that fill the surrounding fields. As an old filling station, Tony’s restaurant not only greets guests with the smoky scents of slow-cooked brisket, ribs, and sausage, but also with waves of nostalgia surging from antique gas pumps, jukeboxes, farm equipment, and artifacts from the 1920s through ‘60s that Tony has salvaged. In the kitchen, Tony and his cooks lavish time on their two most popular items: the brisket and the homemade barbecue sauces. After dry rubbing the brisket with seasoning, they cook it for 12 hours in a pit fueled by mesquite wood. This smoky flavor comes to life when dipped in hot or regular sauce, both of which begin with onions caramelizing in bacon fat.

Texas Pride Barbecue continues celebrating its state heritage with live music and special events that include a Bike Night and a fish fry. Such activities may have been part of the reason the San Antonio Express-News declared Texas Pride Barbecue its “Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests”—one of many awards the eatery has racked up.

2980 E Loop 1604 S