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Just the Best Pizza Spots in Some of Our Favorite Cities: Part 1

BY: Editors' Picks | Aug 31, 2018

Deep dish. Thin crust. Red sauce. White sauce. Topping choices. Nothing sparks more heated debates than pizza preferences—and that's before you bring in the various regional styles. To help prevent feuds, we're compiling an ever-growing list of some the best pizza in a few of our favorite cities so that, hopefully, you can keep the pizza politics out of your meal and instead just enjoy some 'za. Of course, that's a lot of slices to cover, so check back often as we build the ultimate list best pizza places. Who knows, your favorite spot just might make our list!

Pizzeria Delfina
San Francisco, CA

The Bay Area is known for its restaurants and food trends, so naturally, the pizza scene is quite competitive. One of our favorite slices comes from the successful, James Beard Award-winning restaurateurs Annie and Craig Stroll of Pizzeria Delfina. This spot offers up delicious, Neapolitan-style pies. The key is the high-heat ovens, which produce a delightfully crispy crust on pizzas that are made with housemade fennel sausage, marinated cherry tomatoes, and even cherry-stone clams.

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Joe's Pizza

New York City, NY

New York–style pizza, thanks to TV and movies, is probably what most people think of when they think of pizza in general, and Joe's is about as close as it gets to a consensus pick for quintessential old-school NY slice. Choose whatever topping your heart desires, but you can never go wrong with a slice of cheese. Note: If you want the full experience, try rolling in for a late-night snack; it's open until 5 a.m. on weekends. We don't judge.

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Incredible Pizza Company

San Antonio, TX

Getting the entire crew to agree on a restaurant, let alone pizza toppings, is nearly impossible. That's where San Antonio's Incredible Pizza Company comes to the rescue. With more than 30 topping variations, this pizzeria will ensure that everyone gets what they want and avoids the possibility of a table feud, the very worst kind of feud, because being hangry is no joke.

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Pizzeria Uno

Chicago, IL

The city of Chicago considers pizza a religion so when choosing a pizzeria, it can be a little stressful. It's easy to go with some of the staple favorites for deep dish like Lou Malnati's, Pequods, or Giordano's. However, what place is better to sample the city's most famous creation than it's true birthplace? Yep, that's right: Pizzeria Uno invented the iconic cheesy dish in 1943, and it and its sister location (Pizzeria Due) are still slinging slices today. Thick, tall, cheesy, with homemade sauce. Trust us on this one. You'll love it.

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Tony Boloney's

Atlantic City, NJ

In a town that's famous for being old-school, there are plenty of eateries that have been around for generations and keep all those high-rollers full and happy. And yet, one of our favorite pizzerias serves slices that are decidedly new-school. Tony Boloney's has plenty of traditional, delicious flavors, but people come from near and far for the restaurant's most famous creation: the Taco Pizza. This is literally a collection of tacos (18–24 tacos or 2 per slice) served atop a pizza and topped with guac, pickled jalapeno creama, and esquites. We are unworthy.

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LaRosa's Pizza

Cincinnati, OH

LaRosa's began as a family-owned pizzeria in 1954 and has since ballooned into a regional chain with more than 60 locations. It's so famous that their beloved sauce can be found in most major Cincinnati grocery stores. This aforementioned sauce is noticeably sweet, and thickly layered atop a choice of thin, hand-tossed, or crispy pan crust. And then there's the cheese: instead of traditional mozzarella, LaRosa's prefers provolone cheese—a choice that proves pretty divisive (just like the city's famous chili, people tend to either love or hate LaRosa's pizza). Our bets are on you loving it, though.

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Pi Pizzeria

Washington, D.C.

When it comes to pizza, we don't usually take people's word for it. However, it's notable that this DC spot, Pi Pizzeria, is allegedly Barack Obama's favorite pizza place in the city. And with good reason, their deep dish is among some of Chicago's best, with a secret but special tomato sauce of herbs and spices. Plus, each pie gets its own blend of up to four artisanal Wisconsin cheeses. Only the best from the Midwest.

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The Mitten Brewing Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan

This brewery is a local favorite and combines the perfect meal duo: beer and pizza. The restaurant whips up both traditional and unique pizzas, like the all-time favorite margherita to the wacky but delicious chicken and waffles pie. Plus, they have weekly specials that aren't on the menu, so you can walk in and order something new and exciting each week. Our favorite is the Hog Heaven, with honey chipotle BBQ sauce, pulled pork, cheddar jack cheese, tortilla strips, diced white onions, fresh cilantro, and cajun aioli.

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