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Cheap Honeymoon Destinations for Couples on a Budget

BY: GROUPON EDITORS | 6.5.2017 |

Congratulations! You've walked down the aisle, signed your marriage license at the courthouse, or eloped to Las Vegas. Now it's time for a romantic getaway with your new spouse.

But romance can get expensive, especially out of town. We've put together a list of cheap honeymoon destinations acceptable for any budget, to ensure a memorable getaway even if you're pinching pennies. For each location, we factored in the cost of goods and transportation and found affordable deals on hotel stays.

For a Honeymoon on the Beach

Dominican Republic

  • Why visit: The DR isn't as heavily touristed as other Caribbean locales, and you can easily get some alone time in its remote fishing villages and on its beautiful beaches—an ideal honeymoon on a budget.
  • Why it's a steal: Since much of the island is rural, you can find local restaurants and shops with reasonable prices not designed to gouge tourists (keep in mind that you'll pay more for everything in resort towns). Most resorts in the DR's major towns are all-inclusive, so while they may seem a bit pricier, they include all meals, snacks, and alcohol.
  • Stay for as low as: $96/night in Punta Cana. Shop for all Punta Cana hotel deals.

Puerto Rico

  • Why visit: If you like beaches, but your spouse wants to go someplace with a little history (or vice versa), San Juan, PR, is the perfect combination of both. Go paddleboarding along the beach at Ocean Park in the morning, then spend the afternoon strolling the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.
  • Why it's a steal: It's never had the buzz of Cozumel, Jamaica, or Cancún, so Puerto Rico has always been an affordable alternative to the Caribbean heavy-hitters. Plus, if you're a US citizen, you don't have to apply for or renew your passport.
  • Stay for as low as: $79/night in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital city.

For a Honeymoon in Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

  • Why visit: A medieval Old Town and spired castle reminiscent of a fairy-tale fortress give Prague its distinctly European charm. It's easy to lose yourself in the maze of cobblestone alleys and courtyards.
  • Why it's a steal: Eastern Europe sees fewer tourists than its western counterpart, which keeps prices low. The currency exchange helps, too—you'll get about 24 CZK per U.S. dollar.
  • Go for as low as: $699/person, including airfare, three nights of hotels, and plus threenights in Budapest. As cheap honeymoon packages go, it's a steal.


  • Why visit: Because there's something romantic about witnessing the Aurora Borealis and its spectral green glow set against the backdrop of a cosmic starry night, and there's no better place to see it than in the plains of Iceland.
  • Why it's a steal: Since Iceland is about 1,000 miles closer to North America than the rest of Europe, you can potentially save a lot on airfare. Plus, last we checked, the Northern Lights don't charge admission.
  • Go for as low as: $699/person with airfare and five nights of hotels in Reykjavik

For a Classic Honeymoon

Napa & Sonoma Valley

  • Why visit: You've just spent several hectic weeks planning and executing the perfect wedding. Time to relax with a day of wine tasting, and there are several wine-tour deals that make that more affordable than you might think. (Tip: If you're intimidated by California wine culture, read this.)
  • Why it's a steal: Napa's wineries and undulating hills make it a low-cost alternative to Tuscany. And once you've had your fill of wine, many local activities are low-cost, from biking down the Napa Valley Wine Trail to driving past the fossilized trees of Calistoga's Petrified Forest.
  • Stay for as low as: $83/night at this lodge along the Russian River. Shop for Napa Valley hotels.

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Why visit: Anything goes in this glitzy desert town, where the casinos and buffets are always open and boozy elopements are par for the course. It's not called Sin City for nothing (and we've got insider Vegas tips to help you make the most of it).
  • Why it's a steal: Inasmuch as the casinos are always looking to attract fresh visitors, you can get great deals on accommodations and meal comps, making it one of the better cheap honeymoon destinations.
  • Stay for as low as: $16/night, with this deal to a 1950s-style hotel in downtown Vegas. Search Las Vegas hotels.
BY: Groupon Editors