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Favin’s Faves: My Top Five Beauty Deals in Your City

BY: Favin the Maven | Feb 19, 2014
Favin’s Faves: My Top Five Beauty Deals in Your CityI handpicked deals from the top spas and health clinics across the country, so you can pencil in some pampering no matter where you are. Hi guys! Favin here. You might know me already as Favin the Maven, Groupon’s beauty blogger. I’ve tried everything from eyelash extensions to a juice cleanse, and once I got separation anxiety when a TSA officer tried to confiscate my coconut oil. I’m not just a blogger, though. I’m also a category manager for Groupon’s health, beauty, and wellness deals, which means I spend a lot of time researching top spas and clinics around the country. Below, I’ve collected some of my favorite Groupon deals with some of my favorite merchants in cities from LA to New York. Now, no matter where you are, you can schedule some much needed R & R and relax even more knowing you’re at one of the best facilities in the country. Also, just think: if you buy all of these, you can go on the most glamorous cross-country road trip ever! Here’s the best that each city has to offer: Chicago Five Deals That Treat Your Senses—Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Snuggle Los Angeles Beauty Deals That Whisk You Away to Thailand … or the Set of Legally Blonde San Francisco Five Deals to Unwind, Slim Down, or Depuff Dallas Boost Your Energy with a B12 Shot, or Chill Out with a VIP Spa Pass Houston High-Tech Treatments from the Home of NASA  DC Where to Go for an IPL Facial or a Foot Treatment from Some Fish Boston Glam Up Your Nails or Give Up Your Glasses Atlanta Smoother Hair, Whiter Teeth, or Relaxed-er Muscles New York Thai Massage, Brazilian Waxing, and a Korean Seaweed Scrub All Without a Passport Phoenix Lose Weight or Feel Weightless
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven