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Holiday GIF Guide

BY: Mae Rice | Sep 18, 2015

wQCWp2w What is a holiday .gif guide? Well, it’s a roundup of .gifs—pronounced with a hard g, a soft g, or a silent g, depending on who you ask—that would make great gifts. Email one of these moving graphics to a loved one, and they will be filled with the warm, fuzzy feeling of “you thought of me and Googled around!” Without further ado, our .gif suggestions for: The Globetrotter giphy Why it’s amazing: This is an epic quest packed into seconds. You travel at warp speed, traverse (seemingly) the entire Arctic, see mountains and rivers, and loop back around to start again. And again. OK, one more time. Bonus tip: Watching this .gif, it’s really easy to pretend you’re a superhero. Or a loose-cannon train conductor. The Fashionista giphy Why it’s amazing: It looks like she is an angel, and her lipstick is … also an angel. Bonus tip: Try to figure out what word she might be mouthing. Our money is on “Hawaii.” The Techie giphy Why it’s amazing: What if this was how using a computer worked? What if this was what entire open-plan offices did from 9 to 5 every day? Bonus tip: Bust out this dance at a party, and it turns into a dance party. It’s a .gif and a life hack. The Culture Vulture UO6SNwM Why it’s amazing: It’s a genuine lesson in how lighting works in portraits—very useful for insightful critiques at art museums. Or selfie museums. Bonus tip: Stared at for long enough, this .gif functions as an all-natural and all-legal high. The Sports Buff giphy Why it’s amazing: It’s an alley-alley-alley-alley-alley-alley-alley-alley-oop. It’s such a rare feat that no style rules exist about whether that’s hyphenated or not. Bonus tip: If you’re hungry for more after this .gif, rest assured that “complex basketball tricks in pools” is now its own subgenre. Here’s an eight-minute video to tide you over. The Foodie giphy Why it’s amazing: That burger is taller than most adults, and has all the best toppings: roasted tomatoes, whole-grain mustard, and bacon (?). Bonus tip: The tiny onions on the burger are most likely ramps, and their use was once hotly contested in the foodie world. Start going down that rabbit hole of culinary politics here.

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