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      Wisteria Vine

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      Climbing plant with deep-green leaves and long, cascading clusters of fragrant blue-violet clusters

      $30.50 $10.99

      June-Bearing Strawberry Plants

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      Grow your own fresh strawberries to make breakfast cereals into epicurean masterpieces or mix with rhubarb for a tart, summery pie

      $39.95 $14.99

      Fling Into Spring Bouquet Kit

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      When unfurled over soil and watered, each 7' mat plants more than 2,000 annual flower seeds that grow into more 17 varieties of wildflowers

      $27 $12.99

      Olde English Nostalgia Garden Kit

      Online Deal

      Pre-seeded rolls fill gardens with a riot of colors and perfumes from 18 varieties of wildflower, some of which date back to the 1800s

      $24 $12.99

      Roll-Out Vegetable-Growing Kit

      Online Deal

      Raise a veggie garden bursting with organic carrots, lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes by simply unfurling this roll and watering regularly

      $30 $12.99

      Tomato Rocket Planting Kit and Grass Repair Patches

      Online Deal

      Insert the tomato rocket in potted or outdoor soil, and water it for a chance to produce up to 25lb. of juicy tomatoes per rocket

      $24 $12.99

      2-Pack DuneCraft Sprout 'n' Grow Miniature-Melon Growing Kits

      Online Deal

      Complete growing kits for miniature melons and watermelons—less than 8" in diameter—ideal for balcony gardens and tight spaces

      $19.98 $13.99

      Reliance Red Seedless Grape Plant

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      Vine bears medium-sized red seedless grapes, which can be eaten as-is or turned into wine; handsome vines can hang ornamentally on trellises

      $19.99 $10.99

      Flower Rocket Planting Kit with a Roll-Out Lawn Repair Grass...

      Online Deal

      4 discs packed with 1,000 seeds each grow into 18 kinds of flowers that bloom at different times throughout the season

      $24 $12.99

      Petal Fairies Pixie Garden Accessory

      Online Deal

      Intricately painted pixies made from sturdy polystone material help give gardens and yards a fanciful look

      $29.95 $21.99

      Roll Out Herbs Grow Kit with Grass Patch

      Online Deal

      Under direct sunlight, these pre-seeded rolls unfurl over soil and plant herbs including oregano, sweet basil, thyme, and dill

      $24.95 $12.99

      Wellness Garden Grow Kit

      Online Deal

      Aromatherapeutic herbs may have curative properties that can help soothe minor complaints such as upset stomachs and general stress

      $29.96 $12.99

      Up to 58% Off 25th Annual Orchard in Bloom Garden Show

      Orchard in Bloom Garden Show

      Holliday Park

      The 25th annual three-day garden show showcases micro- and macro-gardening landscapes with vendors, exhibitions, and symposiums

      $30 $15

      Common Lilac Shrub

      Online Deal

      Fragrant lilac flowers emerge in late spring to add beautiful blooms to flower arrangements or help enhance backyard privacy between homes

      $30.50 $9.99

      Package of 50 Strawberry Everbearing Plants

      Online Deal

      Hardy plants produce large strawberry yields over long periods in the summer months and add a beautiful touch to outdoor areas

      $39.95 $14.99