Up to 67% Off Indoor Paintball Packages at Paintball Action Games

Paintball Action Games

Lambton Industrial(3.4 miles)

Players strap on coveralls and goggles before they fire paintballs from a semiautomatic marker at foes hidden behind indoor inflatables

C$60 C$29

Up to 80% Off Paintball Package at Allied Paintball

Allied Paintball

Fort Saskatchewan(10.9 miles)

Gear up in full body armor with semi-automatic markers to wage war in themed settings filled with real school busses and war-torn villiages

C$89.98 C$29

Up to 57% Off Paintball Packages at Quest for Adventure

Quest for Adventure

Coronado(26.4 miles)

Teams battle in various town and natural settings over the course of two hours, using an included marker, mask, and paintballs

C$60 C$29

Up to 95% Off Martial-Arts Classes & Uniform

Edmonton Mixed Martial Arts

Edmonton Mixed Martial Arts(2.5 miles)

Experienced instructors blend disciplines such as ju-jitsu, kickboxing, karate, and Muay Thai for effective, evolving martial-arts method

C$187 C$10

Up to 70% Off at Krav Maga Solution

Krav Maga Solution

Multiple Locations(6.6 miles)

Led by a certified instructor from the International Krav Maga Federation of Israel, classes teach students effective self-defense skills

C$100 C$35

Up to 56% Off Paintball Outing in Benalto

Sylvan Lake Paintball


Spend four hours peppering opponents with a semiautomatic paintball gun on three outdoor fields

C$52 C$25

Up to 77% Off Womens' Kickboxing Classes

LoveYou Kickboxing Inc.

St Albert(7.3 miles)

In a kickboxing class made just for them, ladies punch and kick their way to improved fitness and toned physiques

C$100 C$25

Up to 84% Off Tae-Kwon-Do Classes

Hong Park Tae Kwon Do College

Parsons Industrial(6.2 miles)

In the 11,000-square-foot facility, learn from the Master who was one of the first to bring tae kwon do to the area more than 30 years ago

C$60 C$10

94% Off 30 Kickboxing and Fitness Classes


30-class pass allows students of all ability levels to gain access to a variety of fitness and Kickboxing classes at various locations

C$299 C$20

Up to 80% Off Martial Arts Fitness Classes

Arashi Do Martial Arts

La Perle Shopping Centre(6.2 miles)

Fitness classes include high intensity interval training and women’s Muay Thai kickboxing bootcamps

C$120 C$29

Up to 72% Off Aikido Classes

Humble Aikido

Edmonton(0.9 miles)

Redirecting attacks rather than using brute force, Aikido is designed for students of all abilities, ages and sizes

C$120 C$35

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection