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50% Off at Gold Star Jewellers

Gold Star Jewellers

Edmonton(2.2 miles)

C$200 C$100

50% Off Bridal-Gown Dry Cleaning from Fine Drycleaning

Green Fine Dry Cleaners

Bonaventure Industrial(4.2 miles)

C$500 C$250

2.00 CTTW Genuine White Topaz Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$29.99 C$11.99

Joshua & Sons Men's Multifunction Watch

C$445 C$64.99

1/10 CTTW Diamond Heart Pendants

C$229.99 C$44.99

Up to 80% Off Engraved Baby-Feet Necklaces

SilvexCraft Design

$133.12 $35

Splendid Pearls Endless Necklace

C$129 C$29.99

Akribos XXIV Men's Swiss Multifunction Watch

C$595 C$64.99

Solid Silver 20mm–50mm Diamond Cut Hoops

C$59 C$14.99

1/4 CTTW Black & White Necklace or Bracelet

C$250 C$54.99

0.50 CTTW Tanzanite Earrings or 0.60 CTTW Tanzanite Pendant

C$349.99 C$59.99

1/2 CTTW Diamond Pendant in 10K White Gold

C$1,549.99 C$279.99

Bella Pearls 8.5-9mm Hand Knotted Pearl Strand

C$139 C$34.99

1/10 CTTW Square, Heart, or Round Diamond Ring

C$119.99 C$29.99

0.15 CTTW Diamond and White Topaz Ring or Pendant

C$249.99 C$59.99

1/2 CTTW Diamond 3-Piece Jewelry Set

C$379.99 C$79.99

2.00 CTTW Diamond Ring

C$649.99 C$129.99

1.00 CTTW Certified Diamond Rings in 14K Gold by Diamond Affection

C$9,999.99 C$1,999.99

Genuine 2 CTTW Tanzanite Ring or Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$279.99 C$59.99

1.00 CTTW Diamond Heart Pendant

C$429.99 C$89.99

Black Diamond Stud Earrings with White Topaz

C$319.99 C$69.99

Diamond & Citrine Jewelry in Gold Over Silver

C$219.99 C$52.99

0.50–4.00 CTW Black Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$249.99 C$39.99

1/4–1/2 CTTW Diamond Fashion Jewelry

C$339.99 C$79.99

0.10 CTTW Diamond Accent & Tanzanite Infinity Earrings in Sterling...

C$229.99 C$46.99

3/4 CTTW Diamond and Mother-of-Pearl Heart Pendant

C$689.99 C$149.99

2.00 CTTW Diamond Pendant

C$649.99 C$139.99

1CTTW Blue & White Diamond Jewelry in Sterling Silver

C$1,179.99 C$239.99

1/4 CTTW Diamond Heart or Cross Pendants

C$229.99 C$49.99

1/10 CTTW Round, Heart, or Square Diamond Pendant

C$139.99 C$39.99

1.33 CTTW Diamond Multi-Row Ring in 10K White Gold

C$6,799.99 C$1,299.99

1/6–1/4 CTTW Diamond Interlocking Two-Tone Pendant

C$229.99 C$59.99

1.00 CTTW Diamond Ring or Pendant in Sterling Silver

C$499.99 C$99.99

0.50 CTW Natural Green Diamond Stud Earrings

C$799.99 C$169.99

1.00 CTTW Diamond Heart Ring

C$409.99 C$89.99

1.00 CTTW or 1.50 CTTW Certified Diamond Three-Stone Rings

C$4,599.99 C$899.99

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection