1/2 CTTW Blue and White Diamond Channel-Set Band

C$2,099 C$499.99

1/4 CTTW Diamond Bracelets

C$219.99 C$59.99

Joshua & Sons Men's Multifunction Watch

C$445 C$59

Akribos XXIV Women’s Quartz Diamonds Bracelet/Strap Watches Gift...

C$895 C$99.99

Owl Earrings and Pendant Set with Swarovski Elements

C$238 C$19.99

0.50–1.00 CTW Miracle Plate Diamond Stud Earrings

C$1,200 C$279.99

Diamond Accent XO Bracelet in 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

C$200 C$39.99

Italian Sterling Silver Cross Jewelry

C$90 C$16.99

Personalized Diamond Accent Wedding Bands

Limogès Jewelry

$149.99 $49.99

Diamond Accent Heart Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold and Sterling...

C$365 C$69.99

1/4 CTTW Diamond Necklaces in Gold Plating

C$299.99 C$49.99

Diamond Accent Drop Earrings

C$199.99 C$39.99

2.00 CTW Lab-Created Sapphire Halo Pendant

C$150 C$22.99

1/2 CTTW Diamond Bangle Bracelets

C$299.99 C$49.99

1/4 CTTW Certified Diamond Ring in 14K Solid White Gold

C$1,900 C$349.99

0.10 CTTW Diamond Accent & Tanzanite Infinity Earrings

C$229.99 C$49.99

Diamond Swirl Hoop Earrings in Platinum Plated Brass

C$149.99 C$24.99

Akribos XXIV Men's Watches

C$595 C$94.99

Elephant Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold

C$29 C$19.99

Oniss Women's Diamond Ceramic Swiss Watch

C$960 C$119.99

1/7 CTTW or 1/4 CTTW Tanzanite Jewelry in Sterling Silver

C$359.99 C$54.99

1/10 CTTW Diamond Bracelet by Brilliant Diamond

C$99.99 C$34.99

0.25 CTTW White or Blue and White Diamond Rings in Sterling Silver

C$525 C$249.99

0.50 CTTW Diamond Heart Pendant

C$499.99 C$59.99

Oniss ON7700 Women's Sea & Sky Square Watch

C$420 C$89.99

Oniss Women's Sparkle Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

C$475 C$89.99

0.50–4.00 CTW Black Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$379.99 C$69.99

1/2 CTTW Diamond Necklace in Sterling Silver

C$329 C$139.99

0.50, 1.00, or 2.00 CTTW Black Diamond Earrings

C$249.99 C$59.99

Italian Style Popcorn Stretch Bracelet

C$158.99 C$17.99

0.56–1.33 CTTW Diamond Engagement Ring

C$6,168 C$1,099.99

1/4 CTTW Black Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$399.99 C$69.99

1/4 CTTW Diamond Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$279.99 C$54.99 Sale Ends 6/2

JBW Alessandra Women's Diamond Watch

C$1,390 C$239.99

1/10 CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

C$260 C$49.99

0.25 CTTW Diamond Cluster Ring in Sterling Silver

C$656.25 C$99.99

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