Proliss Nano Ionic Hair Dryer

C$179 C$49.99

Clarisonic-Compatible Replacement Brush Heads 2-Pack

C$55.51 C$16.99

80% Off a Skin-Cleansing Brush

Spin for Perfect Skin

C$100 C$19.99

Cortex Professional 1'' or 1.5'' Titanium Plate Flat Iron

C$130.67 C$49.99

Brilliance New York ProDryer 3800 Professional Hair Dryer

C$375 C$79.99

92% Off Online Makeup Artistry Course


$229 $19

Up to 82% Off Home Teeth-Whitening Kit

Canadian Smile Clinics

C$149 C$32

Up to 61% Off a Teeth-Whitening System

Gadgets & Health

C$63 C$29

Aesthetica Cosmetics Contouring Kits

C$59.95 C$21.99

86% Off Teeth-Whitening Kit from Smile Kits

Smile Kits

$169 $24

79% Off Hairstyling Tools from NuMe


$120 $25

Titanium and Diamond 1" Ceramic Straightener from Brilliance...

C$399 C$64.99

BlemishX Four-Piece Blemish Extractor Set

C$49 C$11.99

1.25" Diamond Flat Iron and 0.5" Mini Ceramic Flat Iron Set

C$420 C$59.99

Great Smile Store Pro Care Plus Platinum Sonic Toothbrush

C$249.99 C$59.99

Clipless Curling Iron, Heat-Resistant Glove, Shampoo, and Conditioner

C$340 C$59.99

1.25" Ultra-Smooth Pure Ceramic and Diamond Flat Iron

C$300 C$49.99

Brilliance New York Clipless Curling Iron Set

C$340 C$59.99

24-Piece MyMakeupBrushSet

C$149.99 C$18.99

Bellezza Infrared 1" Digital Flat Iron

C$357.56 C$49.99

Cortisio Garden of Eden 1.25” Ceramic Flat Iron and Hair Dryer

C$425 C$79.99

2-Pack of Stop Snoring Mouth Guards

C$39.99 C$17.99

Cortex Ceramic or Titanium 4-in-1 Curling Wand Set

C$424.96 C$49.99

Spin for Perfect Skin Face and Body Brush

C$99.99 C$29.99

Zoë Ayla Cosmetics 32-Piece Makeup Brush Sets

C$99.99 C$29.99

Brilliance New York Clipless Curling Iron

C$300 C$44.99

Brilliance New York 24K Gold or Diamond Face Masks (12-Pack)

C$3,999 C$79.99

Hair Rage 1.25" Flat Iron and 0.5" Mini Travel Iron

C$292.59 C$24.99

Brilliance New York 1.25" Ceramic Flat Iron and Mini Iron Bundle

C$420 C$54.99

Proliss Auto Hair Curler

C$200 C$69.99

Premium Home Teeth Whitening Kit

C$160 C$29.99

10 Pairs of Fake Eyelashes with Lash Applicator

C$39.99 C$19.99

Brilliance New York Caviar Eye Cream and Eye Serum

C$798 C$89.99

Brilliance New York Quad Curling Irons

C$399 C$44.99

Cortex Black Series 1.25" Ceramic Flat Iron

C$260.40 C$29.99

Brilliance New York Ionic Pro Hair Dryer 3400

C$325 C$59.99

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