Priceline Name Your Price Vs. Pricebreakers: What's the Difference?

By: Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Priceline Name Your Price & Pricebreakers ToolsIf you’re wondering what happened to Priceline’s Name Your Own Price tool, you’re not alone. Priceline discontinued their well-known tool without much fanfare. With the recent uptick in travel prices—and with 70% of Americans expected to travel in 2021—it comes at a time when people could really use those extra savings. But there is good news. Priceline recently released a new savings tool called Pricebreakers. Though Pricebreakers doesn’t allow you to name your own price, you can still save a decent amount of money with it.

Below, we break down the differences between Priceline’s Name Your Price and Pricebreakers, and explain how you can still save using this new tool. But before you book your next vacation, be sure to check out Groupon Coupons’ collection of Priceline coupons for the latest deals.

Differences Between Pricebreaker and Name Your Price

  • Name Your Price was a bidding tool that allowed you to bid a price on a hotel, rental car, or flight—if accepted, that was the price you paid. Pricebreaker gives you three similar hotel options and one discounted price. You do not know which hotel you are booking until the confirmation has gone through, but the discounted price applies no matter what.
  • Pricebreaker is for hotels only. At one time, Name Your Price could be used for hotels, rental cars, and flights—each was discontinued separately. 

How Does Priceline Pricebreakers Work? 

With Pricebreakers, you can search for a hotel on as you normally would. When the options appear, click the “pricebreakers” button in the top bar to be taken to a page with new booking options. Priceline groups together three similar hotels—each with a similar price, rating, location, etc.—and gives you a single discounted price. (This discount varies but can be up to 50% off the normal retail price.) 

You can choose to book one of these three hotels at the discounted price, but the catch is that you won’t get to specify which one. If you're unhappy with the options, you can browse by amenities, location, and amount saved and replace one of the three hotels. After checking out, you will immediately receive a confirmation letting you know which hotel has been booked. You’re guaranteed one of the three options.  

A few things to note about Pricebreakers:

  • The listed Pricebreaker price does not include taxes and fees. There may be additional fees required depending on the hotel or resort.
  • Cancellation policies differ depending on the hotel’s policy, but overall it is unlikely you’d be able to get a refund without trip insurance. You can select the “free cancellation” option when searching for hotels, but it usually bumps up the price. 
  • Promotional codes do not work with Pricebreakers because it is already discounted. 

Savings Tip: if you log into Priceline with your email and do some searching without booking, you’ll get an email reminding you to book with a discount code about a day later. 

You Can’t Name Your Own Price Anymore But You Can Still Save 

Now that Name Your Price is no more, there are still loads of ways to save big with Priceline. Alongside Pricebreaker, there are also Express Deals and Priceline VIP discounts. With Express Deals you can book hotels for up to 60% off, but the catch is that you won’t know the hotel until after you check out—similar to Pricebreakers but you aren’t guaranteed one of three hotels. 

Priceline’s VIP program is a free rewards program that right away gets you up to 10% off bookings. And the more you use it, the more you save. When you book multiple trips, your discounts increase! Read about the whole program and its benefits here


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