Paintball in Boulder City

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  • Las Vegas Premier Paintball
    Shots ring out across the Wild Wild West paintball field as players belly-flop behind hay bales and crouch-walk through the saloon. On a second field, players storm a castle and sprint past water towers, racing to the center to capture the flag planted there. Those two battlegrounds at Las Vegas Premier Paintball are ripe with chances for team strategy, and a third, smaller field dotted with inflated obstacles creates a fast-paced game that requires you to be fleet-footed and quick on the draw. Five days a week, teams suited up with full facemasks engage each other in just such battle across the facility's outdoor fields. With the addition of overhead lights, the center now stays open later on Wednesday nights, allowing players to battle away from the sun?s heat. Paintballing groups of 10 or more can also reserve the field of their choice for birthdays, bachelor parties, or corporate team-building events.
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    1400 N Rampart Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV US
  • Zombie Apocalypse Experience Las Vegas
    At Combat Zone Paintball, four obstacle-spattered outdoor fields provide a cardio-packed challenge for beginner to advanced paint slingers. After staff members equip players with a full set of rental equipment and perform an inspirational interpretive dance, teams swarm the battlefield, where bunkers, sandbags, and wooden shelters provide cover from the raining barrage of paint. Combat Zone Paintball stocks its onsite store with equipment and extra paint for purchase, repairs paintballers? own equipment onsite, and provides indoor bathrooms for use between games.
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    13011 S Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV US
  • Vegas Tactical Adventures
    Founder and member of an elite foreign Special Forces team, this tactical adventures instructor has since lent his expertise to military and SWAT teams as well as drug-enforcement organizations. Today, he dedicates his expertise to Vegas Tactical Adventures, where clients engage in scenarios designed to boost adrenaline and instill defensive strategies. These include everything from an adventure based on the Bourne movies to a women's Femme Fatale course, during which they learn to shoot a crossbow and jump from a moving vehicle. Always with an eye toward safety, the business maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy for those they deem unfit to participate.
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    1727 Stocker St.
    Las Vegas, NV US
  • Pahrump Paintball
    Paintball provides a competitive capture-the-flag approach to studying the forces of velocity, wind-resistance, and the physics of splatter. Seven spacious fields of natural grass and hundreds of trees span 10 acres of surface area at Pahrump Paintball, where a friendly, safety-first staff can monitor large groups of marksmen and Wagnerian shieldmaidens. All equipment is provided, including paint, air, and splattable battle fatigues, allowing soldiers to sink into the trenches and skillfully blot the enemy from a distance or surge toward an opponent's base, making a poignant meta-mural of their surroundings. The attentive referees and variety of the course, including a tall-grass jungle field, make Pahrump a fine destination for all levels of splotcher.
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    331 South Frontage Road
    Pahrump, NV US

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