Pets in Charleston

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  • Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital
    BFVH is a woman-owned full service veterinary hospital located west of the Ashley in Charleston ,SC. At Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide your pet with the comprehensive and integrated health care that we would want for our own pets.
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    3422 Shelby Ray Ct
    Charleston, SC US
  • Prater Tot’s Pet Sitting & Concierge Services
    Rae Prater loves her job. A lifelong pet owner, she founded Prater Tot’s Pet Sitting & Concierge Services as a way to extend the time she spends with animals into her workday hours. Her affection for four-legged beasts shines through in each of her pet-sitting sessions, during which she spends 30 minutes playing fetch, administering medicine, watering houseplants, and transporting pets to the vet. When she isn’t looking after dogs and cats, Rae runs errands for clients as part of her concierge service. Her day-to-day tasks include everything from waiting for repairmen to shopping for groceries and stuffing jello into the mailboxes of mortal enemies.
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    3311 Crowell Lane
    Mount Pleasant, SC US
  • Leland Raymond DVM
    Park West Vet has been providing veterinary services to their Mount Pleasant area for the past 8 years. We currently have three veterinarians and nine staff members; all of which are dedicated, genuine and very passionate about their jobs.
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    3400 Salterbeck Ct
    Mount Pleasant, SC US
  • Animal Antics LLC
    Many dogs calm down as soon as they set paw inside Animal Antics. Scattered throughout the facility, diffusers emit DAP, or dog-appeasing pheromones, which can help put dogs at ease during everything from daycare services to grooming appointments. During daycare, pups get plenty of playtime, and owners can even schedule one-on-one training sessions to work on issues such as being crated, coming when called, and greeting guests politely, rather than with high-fives. At night, boarding charges hunker down in private suites with beds. Owners can also arrange for group or private training or gentle grooming sessions.
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    1964 Riviera Dr
    Mount Pleasant, SC US
  • DoodyCalls
    Sunny yellow hangers are the calling cards of DoodyCalls' technicians. If you see one on your doorknob, you know they've recently stopped by to scoop up the unpleasant packages your dog has deposited on the lawn. You also know they've done a thorough job, since the techs disinfect their pooper-scooper tools between each home to prevent parasites or diseases from spreading. Beyond their typical residential waste removal, the employees will also change kitty-litter boxes—litter is included—or extract pet waste from entire neighborhoods. Even if their work didn't speak for itself, high-profile publications have, including Forbes, Good Housekeeping, and the Wall Street Journal.
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    1864 Hall Point Road
    Mount Pleasant, SC US
  • The Center for Birds of Prey
    The Center for Birds of Prey isn't a good place to be a mouse. For humans, however, it can fairly be called awesome. Nearly 50 majestic bird species including eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons from all over the world reside there. Visitors can watch these graceful raptors up close during flight demonstrations and learn about their lives during guided tours and educational programs. Ticket sales benefit the nonprofit Avian Conservation Center, which protects birds of prey by tending to them in a medical clinic and raising awareness of their role as "sentinel species"?that is, animals whose sensitivity to environmental changes can foretell what's to come for the rest of us.
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    4872 Seewee Road
    Awendaw, SC US

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