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  • In Balance Yoga
    After a dozen years in the restaurant business, Roya Gharavi had an epiphany: instead of traveling far and wide to gather specialty ingredients and kitchen tools, why not bring those things to her? The idea took root; in 2000, she sold her restaurant, and the Gourmet Pantry was born. After outgrowing its first location, the business expanded into a second location in 2006, where Roya finally had the space to construct a kitchen and bring her dream of founding a cooking school to fruition. Today, the shop is stocked floor-to-ceiling with cookware and is equipped for cooking classes as well as a variety of special events such as wine tastings and cheese-eating contests.
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    401 S Main St
    Blacksburg, VA US
  • YMCA Thrift Shop
    The YMCA at Virginia Tech’s mission is to bring health, wellness, and personal growth to its surrounding community. Adults can leap into continuing-education classes ranging from pottery to Turkish grilling, with complimentary childcare eliminating excuses to stay at home. Ballroom dancing, Shakespearean studies, and tai chi also shake up adult routines. On weekends, guides lead groups out into the wild during scenic hides that vary in difficulty; although YMCA-goers can get a dose of nature any day of the week by visiting the onsite community gardens, which enable people to grow their own plants or just stop and eat the roses.
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    1000 N Main St
    Blacksburg, VA US
  • Spa Fit
    Run by a family of fitness gurus, Spa Fit makes charismatic fitness coaching during group exercise classes one of its highest priorities, second only to making sure gym-goers properly match sweatbands to leotards. Improve posture and reduce muscle tension with a series of floor and standing poses during yoga classes, or send puny core muscles through a brawn-building assembly line during Pilates sessions. With the 60-minute Cycle-Lates classes, students spend half the time burning calories on a cardio bike and the other half building lean, toned muscles doing mat Pilates exercises. Meanwhile, Zumba classes provide high-energy sweat sessions, during which fitnessmongers of all ages and experience levels tone their bodies by performing kinetic Latin-dance-inspired moves to the rhythms of motivating music or the tense sounds of a Stephen King audio book.
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    1630 Braeburn Dr
    Salem, VA US

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