Liposuction in Imperial Point, Fort Lauderdale

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  • Mayl Nathan MD
    If you're planning a cosmetic surgical procedure, visit Mayl Nathan MD in Fort Lauderdale to book your appointment. Looking for a skin care treatment? Check out one of Mayl Nathan MD's services, including microdermabrasion. Smooth out those pesky and unwelcomed wrinkles with an injection from this clinic. For your hair removal needs, head to Mayl Nathan MD for quick and painless services. The friendly and professional staff at Mayl Nathan MD is here when you need immediate medical assistance. With a commitment to giving their patients exactly what they want, the doctors at Mayl Nathan MD are your best bet.
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    6405 N Federal Hwy
    Fort Lauderdale, FL US
  • Body Contour Wellness Center
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Body Contour Wellness Center facet_type_id: 83e750a0-5f2b-1032-b355-95a504835080 html_text: Clients come to Body Contour Wellness Center in search of trimmer physiques and more youthful complexions, but they will find nary an operating room, scalpel, or Fountain of Youth eyewash station here. Instead, they'll find a high-tech Physician's Office outfitted with a variety of laser, LED, and ultrasonic slimming devices. The doctors, acupuncturists, therapists, nutritionists and Body Sculpting experts offer their treatments in single doses or as package deals, allowing clients to tackle short-term and long-term beauty and health goals—from wrinkles and decreasing body fat percentage and acne to rejuvenating loose skin—at their own pace.
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    5353 North Federal Highway
    Fort Lauderdale, FL US
  • John Michael Thomassen M.D.
    Born in Santiago, Chile, and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. John Michael Thomassen grew up with the dream of becoming a doctor. After studying mechanical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Thomassen returned to San Juan to follow his passion and earn his medical degree at the University of Puerto Rico. He spent six years completing an integrated plastic-surgery residency and fellowship at Georgetown University, and is now a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon serving the South Florida community. Thanks to his years of training, meticulous engineering background, and active role as a researcher, Dr. Thomassen has become an expert in complex reconstructions and cosmetic procedures for the face and body. He also offers a variety of aesthetic treatments, including wrinkle-reducing dermal fillers and sclerotherapy for spider veins caused by prolonged standing and emotional surges associated with watching football games on TV.
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    2800 E Commerical Blvd. Suite 103
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL US
  • Prestege Wellness & Aesthetics
    At Prestege Wellness, services range from the traditional to the out-of-the-ordinary. When it comes to aesthetics, standard procedures such as lipo-sculpting, Botox, and sclerotherapy erase extra pudge, wrinkles, and unsightly veins. For spiritual and emotional healing, natural medicine such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback therapy help clients regain a healthy internal balance.
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    3077 E Commercial Blvd.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL US
  • Vo2 Max Wellness Clinic
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Vo2 Max Wellness Center facet_type_id: 28798880-9b82-1032-bf2f-586370ce7e23 html_text: |- Vo2 Max Wellness Center specializes in slimming bodies via noninvasive procedures. Its new LS-60 lipo laser sends low-level laser energy into such problem areas as the hips, thighs, and abs. The energy creates temporary perforations in the fat cells, causing them to release their stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water into the body and shrink, resulting in lost inches. Radio frequency combines with the laser treatment in order to produce more collagen and tighten skin. The clinic's ultrasonic-cavitation treatments use ultrasound waves to perforate the fat cells. Vo2 additionally offers brow-tinting services, as well as waxing services available for brows, full leg, full chest and full stomach, full back, and also brazilian waxes. Infrared body wraps also result in lost inches, as well as relieve pain, improve circulation, and deeply relax bodies.
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    1427 E Commercial Blvd.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL US
  • Oband Medical Centers
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Oband Medical Centers facet_type_id: 6155acd0-5f2b-1032-8fcf-c9b2d8b6bc21 html_text: At Oband Medical Centers, a team of doctors across California, Nevada, and Miami perform bariatric surgery using FDA-approved gastric bands to help overweight clients significantly lower their BMIs. Staff members also provide support both before and after the procedure, helping clients make long-term changes to their lifestyles and body shapes.
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    4401 West Tradewinds Avenue
    Lauderdale By The Sea, FL US

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