At some point, all the bloggers on Earth decided that everyone needs to visit the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs. To convince us, they bombarded the Internet with images of its fabulous pool, simple yet chic rooms, and sexy outdoor patios. But why should you have to vacation in one particular Southern California hotel to enjoy this aesthetic? Below, we’ve reimagined one of the resort’s beautiful outdoor spaces as a living room so that anyone bring its bohemian vibe to their home. Indio Grey polyester two-piece sectional; Home Depot ($904) Reclaimed-wood coffee table; Dot & Bo ($859.99) Viss Persian runner rug; eSaleRugs ($918 on sale) Scrolled rattan chair; Anthropologie ($398) Toro lounge chair; BLU DOT ($1,099) SoHo gloss white indoor fireplace; Scenario Home ($379.99) Fillmore sectional floor lamp; Pottery Barn ($234.99 on sale) Carpet accent pillow; YASTK ($172) Vintage kilim pillow cover; YASTK ($36) Handwoven vintage kilim pillow cover; YASTK ($21) This space is all about calming colors and natural elements: wood, rattan, and stone. The key to recreating it is to keep the furniture simple and the color palette streamlined. Stick to muted tones with just a few wood and metal accents. Add a few pops of red with a rug and pillows, and bring the feel of a bonfire inside with a wall-mounted fireplace that doesn’t need a chimney or gas hookup. There you have it. Now you can charge guests $400 a night to crash in your living room. Top photo: Ace Hotel Palm Springs
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