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Massage in Jacksonville

Push aside daily stressors with a relaxing massage from a Jacksonville day spa. Massages are great tools to unwind tight muscles, relieve aches, and reduce anxiety. Massage therapy is also used to treat symptoms of physical and mental illness, like arthritis and depression. There are more than a dozen different massage techniques, each with its own benefits. Want to relieve chronic pain or muscle fatigue? A deep tissue massage can soothe pain and reinvigorate the muscles. Need help picking an anniversary gift? A couples massage is a relaxing bonding experience to enjoy with a loved one. Explore the different Jacksonville massage options and book a much-needed session.

Book an appointment at a local spa to unwind from the a long day of kids, pets, and work. Browse the categories below to explore massage deals in Jacksonville, learn about different massage techniques, and find a massage near you.
A full body massage reduces muscle tension, stress, and tightness throughout the body. Book a full body massage in Jacksonville at Natural Body Spa and Shop Jacksonville, Massage Green SPA, and Awakening Spirit Massage.
Most couples massages use the full body massage technique, but massage therapists can also target specific problem areas when asked. To experience a couples massage in Jacksonville, visit The Mona Lisa Day Spa & Salon, Picasso Day Spa and Salon, and Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa.

Massage 101

Mae Rice

How your muscles are like a keyboard, the difference between Eastern and Western techniques, and other facts that will help you get more out of your next massage.

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Foot massages are an excellent choice for runners, hikers, backpackers, soccer players, and anyone who puts extra strain on their feet. To book a foot massage in Jacksonville, visit Sole Therapy Massage, New Massage Orient, and Tang Dynasty Foot Spa.
Struggling with chronic pain or muscle tightness? Try a deep tissue massage for pain relief. This therapeutic massage technique uses intense kneading to loosen knots and improve blood flow. For the best deep tissue massage in Jacksonville, visit Atlantic Chiropractic, Active Motion Therapies, or In Motion Physical Therapy.