Hypnosis in Kernersville

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  • McCandless Hypnosis
    Herb McCandless, Jr.'s soothing voice helps clients enter a heightened state of awareness to unlock their subconscious and combat pesky problems. His clients have successfully stopped smoking, worked out sleep issues, and lost weight. His sessions also help anxiety issues tied to flying or traveling via underground tunnel.
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    1130 Cherry Lane Road
    Graham, NC US
  • Ninth Wave Coaching & Hypnosis
    Certified consulting hypnotist and neurolinguistic programming practitioner Karen Silverberg works with individuals who are facing personal and professional obstacles. Her coaching sessions with Ninth Wave Coaching & Hypnosis can help break unproductive habits and create positive behaviors to overcome stress, weight gain, smoking, and unbalanced lifestyles.
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    933 S 5th St
    Mebane, NC US
  • Positive Spiral Hypnosis for Wellness
    Certified consulting hypnotherapist and founder of Positive Spiral Hypnosis for Wellness Claire de la Varre PhD leads clients to subconsciously dismiss internal conflict and deep-seated habits with focused relaxation sessions. After an initial interview to clarify treatment goals, de la Varre guides patients into a deeply calm state. Patients retain consciousness as the hidden layers of the mind absorb motivational messages related to habits such as overeating or smoking. The practice can also help improve self-confidence, allowing patients to board airplanes or filibuster work meetings without apprehension.
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    101 Market St
    Chapel Hill, NC US
  • Dynamic Change Wellness
    Dynamic Change Wellness owner Liz Priestley is a hypnotist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. During deeply relaxing coaching sessions, Priestley helps clients retrain their subconscious minds and reduce self-defeating behaviors such as overeating, smoking, thinking negatively, and biting fingernails into the shape of a city skyline. She begins each treatment with an interview about the issues clients would like to target and the best techniques to use. As a personality-assessment coach certified in the PeopleMap system, Priestley also facilitates a self-awareness and clarity of purpose that assists people with their career goals.
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    781 Mount Carmel Rd
    Chapel Hill, NC US
  • The Healing Medium
    For centuries, holistic therapists have espoused an understanding of the body that you'd be hard-pressed to find in a modern medical textbook. At the center of their philosophy are energy channels—pathways that run through the body and purportedly connect every fiber of the being. Rather than treat symptoms or specific ailments, holistic therapists focus on balancing these energy channels to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers. Elisha, also known as The Healing Medium, counts herself among these therapists. She has practiced a Japanese energy-balancing technique known as reiki for more than a decade, and she supplements these treatments with alternative forms of counseling. As a medium, she serves as a meditative vehicle through which clients can communicate with spirits that have, as she puts it, "survived the death of their physical bodies." Her clairvoyant abilities sometimes allow her to experience things the spirit would like to relay, such as the taste of a grandmother's homemade pie or the sound of a grandfather snoring.
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    117 Huntersville Road
    Morrisville, NC US