Martial Arts in Little Rock

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  • Krav Fit
    The padded floor reaches from wall to wall, providing maximum space for Krav Fit?s students to learn optimal self-defense skills. The Krav Kids program teaches basic moves while instilling a sense of discipline and respect, and the adult program tosses in more difficult moves, like weight training and parallel parking. Instructors also teach individuals in law enforcement and the military.
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    1324-B S. Main Street
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Unity Martial Arts
    Unity Martial Arts is the first school in Arkansas to teach Cuong Nhu, a mixed martial art with a traditional feel and no contracts. Classes are offered for kids and adults all week long. Special events and summer camps are on the website along with a class schedule and video demonstration.
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    3016 W Markham St
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Westside MMA
    At Westside MMA, professional mixed-martial-arts instructors tutor students in the calorie-destroying, stress-relieving methods of attack and defense. Having trained everyone from first-timers to internationally competitive pros, the Westside MMA staff is fully equipped to teach pupils the fundamentals of kickboxing. Participants will relish a month of fun, challenging workouts while getting their gloves on proper punch and kick techniques, blocking skills, and footwork drills designed to make full-contact ballroom dancing less intimidating. In addition to forging a stronger core and increasing flexibility in its practitioners, kickboxing can help build confidence, and as a practical self-defense method, it has proved to be 100% more effective than carrying around a balloon with a scary face drawn on it.
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    1021 Jessie Rd
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Go2Karate
    After beginning martial arts in 1980, two karate students earned seventh-degree black belts and eventually went on to become masters and open their own schools. They wanted to share their love of karate and other martial arts with even more people, so in 2011, they created Go2Karate is a website that connects people around the world with martial arts schools in their communities. It also helps users learn about the various styles of martial arts?teaching them the differences between karate, Brazilian jujitsu, capoeira, and mixed martial arts, for instance?as well as helps them find a class based on their individual goals. On the easy-to-use website, parents can find a karate school to successfully teach their child self-confidence and respect. Kids' karate classes acquaint students with others their own age, and also build skills that help them deal with schoolyard bullies. For women, karate and other martial arts do double duty as a fun and confidence-building fitness regime while also equipping them with essential self-defense moves. Karate and martial-arts classes for men help them not only hone fighting technique, but also reduce stress and drop pounds while chiseling stronger bodies. Users simply enter their location information and the style of martial arts they're interested in, and the website shows them a bounty of schools conveniently located nearby, many with a class schedule and news about recent events.
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  • Arkansas Yoga Collective
    Arkansas Yoga Collective is where mat-users get centered and connect with their community. Atop joint-friendly cork flooring, students practice hatha yoga poses that perfectly blend posture work, breath work, and meditation into one balanced, revitalizing workout. Yoga classes are held nine times a day, seven days a week, and students can enhance their yoga practice in martial arts and yoga-martial arts fusion classes. But the good vibes don't stop flowing once clients finish their final asana?the facility also boasts massage services to soothe overworked muscles, a shop that sells everything from mats to organic body products, and a cafe where yogis can go to meet other like-minded exercisers or use in-class breathing techniques to cool a hot latte.
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    7801 Cantrell Road
    Little Rock, AR US
  • Ahrang Martial Arts
    Students at Ahrang Martial Arts come away from classes fitter, lighter, and well versed in a variety of martial arts. From kickboxing and tae kwon do to muay thai and MMA, Ahrang's classes cater to students of all ages and ability levels. The company is so confident in the effectiveness of these classes that it guarantees students will lose 10 pounds after just six weeks of enrollment.
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    4047 East Kiehl Avenue
    Sherwood, AR US

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