Paintball in Little Rock

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  • Paintball T-Square
    T-Square?s 40-acre playing area is a menacing wooded battlefield containing military-style tanks, obstacles, and foxholes from which to taunt, shoot, and telepathically tickle opponents. This Groupon takes care of the field fee ($10), which includes unlimited CO2, 100 paintballs, referees to ensure fair play, and all-day field access. The rental of a high-quality semi-automatic paintball gun and a face mask is also included ($5). For trigger-happy targeters, T-Square offers additional rounds of paintballs for purchase?increase your inventory with 100 ($5), 500 ($20), or 2,000 ($60) paintballs. Beginners and advanced sharpshooters alike will take to the field for rousing games of ?attack and defend,? ?arena ball,? ?capture the flag,? and its not-so-popular offshoot, ?let?s all talk this out before making any rash decisions.? There is an elevated viewing area for non-players to watch the games and shout out defensive strategies in Morse code.
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    5327 Old Highway 67
    Jacksonville, AR US
  • Paintball Arkansas
    Paintball Arkansas sprawls across 100 wooded acres split into nine different fields. On the largest, Fort Splat, up to 150 players climb into tree houses and dive into trenches during exciting paintball matches. For more intimate play, teams battle on Hamburger HIll, which holds a defunct helicopter, while the speedball field hosts regulation-style play. Even beginners or younger kids get in on the action with low-impact paintballs, which carry only a third of the weight of a normal paintball.
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    558 Sturgis Road
    Conway, AR US
  • Paintball International Atlanta
    As a conglomerate of paintball facilities, Paintball Tickets offers many distinct destinations for chromatic outdoor combat. Some fields, such as Splat Zone Paintball in Louisiana, challenge players to find adequate cover in an arena littered with creative obstacles. In Massachusetts, PnL Paintball thrusts players into a realistic Ghost Town, comprised of churches, multilevel buildings, and stone walls. Meanwhile, trees, leaves, stacked wood, and foliage inside K.C. Crusaders offer players all-natural hiding places from which they can spring forth to surprise their rivals or remain undetected while they determine the color palette they will use to paint Water Lilies on the surrounding bunkers.
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    9003 Lisa Lane
    Pine Bluff, AR US

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