Climbing in Lompoc

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  • Vertical Heaven
    A technicolor wall flecked with holds rises to the heavens inside the Vertical Heaven Climbing facility?or at least it would if the ceiling didn't prevent it from doing so. The 3,800-square-foot indoor rock-climbing destination invites climbers of all ages and abilities to tackle the many routes and challenges braided over its geometric face, which at times force them into inverted angles and heroic stretches to challenge every muscle in the body. Though this may sound treacherous to the uninitiated, 18 inches of padded flooring mean few injuries ever arise. The facility also invites climbers to tackle the mind-twisting, muscle-burning sport of bouldering?a nearer-to-the-ground version that doesn't require ropes, a partner, or a good-luck kiss from a mountain goat.
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    1954 Goodyear Avenue
    Ventura, CA US
  • Danny's Dungeon
    The ghastly costumes and decorations trimming The Best Halloween Store Ever?s shelves breathe afterlife into the live actors and haunting fa?ades of Danny?s Dungeon. Spooky thespians lurk behind glowing brick-and-mortar walls and wait to tear down the brave fronts of all who pass. Danny's staff can turn on the house lights to show timid youngsters that monsters are merely men in costumes and gargoyles merely shaved kittens. Those who emerge from Danny?s Dungeon?without surrendering to one of many emergency exits?break free into The Best Halloween Store Ever, where they collect a free reward. Before and after romps through the ghostly crypt, guests can join the party outside, munching handheld delights from a food truck and busting moves to a live DJ?s beats, which pulsate like the heart of a nervous traffic light.
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    2400 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard
    Thousand Oaks, CA US
  • Trail And Mountain
    Trail And Mountain's owner inherited a love for the outdoors from his father, an avid hunter. Though the son never cared for hunting, he has followed that passion for nature for the rest of his life, honing wilderness navigation skills by hiking landscapes from the Catskill Mountains to the hills of North Carolina. Today, he marries this experience with certifications in first aid in a quest to introduce others to California's wilderness. During single- or multiple-day excursions in Santa Barbara County and beyond, he helms tours and helps coordinate activities for tourists ranging from day hikes to whale watching to paragliding.
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    210 South O Street
    Lompoc, CA US
  • Santa Barbara Rock Gym
    The colorful hand and footholds that dot the sharply angled cliffs, overhangs, and arches at Santa Barbara Rock Gym almost beg visitors to climb them. The more than 8,500 square feet of climbable space, designed by El Dorado Climbing Walls, feature enough varied routes and ominous Viking runes to challenge climbers of all ability levels. This range of terrain and attention to detail is essential?the facility is Santa Barbara's only dedicated indoor rock-climbing gym. Owner Will Russ, a former surfing photographer from Houston, created this space to bring the rocky wilderness indoors and foster a sense of adventure among climbers in a controlled environment. His instructors, each certified by the Climbing Wall Association, teach classes introducing basic belaying and sport-lead techniques. They also delve into the advanced skills required for bouldering and training mountain goats to fetch dropped carabiners.
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    322 State Street
    Santa Barbara, CA US
  • Golf N Stuff
    Palm trees backdrop the Mystic Castle: a towering medieval structure that awaits competitors on one of Golf N Stuff Ventura's two miniature golf courses. Each hole surrounds players in a new, fantastic setting, including the Gold Mine, a Shipwreck, and the Western Scene, with its long line of old-timey storefronts. Fun spills beyond the miniature golf courses and into bumper boats, an arcade, and a laser-tag arena. Nearby, go-karts twist and turn around the Lit'l Indy Race Cars track while bumper cars provide plenty of kinetic thrills.
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    5555 Walker St
    Ventura, CA US
  • Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing Studio
    The friendly carabiner barons at Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing provide aspiring clamberers with a safe, welcoming stead to test their wits and muscles. Open climb is continuously supervised and allows indoor mountaineering for climbers of all ages and levels. Let a helpful staff member outfit you with all the necessary provided gear, and they'll belay vertical wanderers for full exploration of the massive space, which is rife with ropes, colorful step holds, challenging routes, and actors playing mountain goats.
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    880 Hampshire Rd
    Westlake Village, CA US