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Massage in Santa Barbara

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Massage can help relax your muscles, ease tension, and offer an escape from the pace of Santa Barbara city life – which is why it can quickly move from being considered a luxury to an essential. Whether you need a sports massage to support recovery from injury, or a Swedish massage to melt away the stresses of work, indulge in a little “me time” by reserving a massage deal today.

Santa Barbara Massage Reviews

As a massage therapist myself, I give this experience high praise! I look forward to buying a package tomorrow and getting more in tune with myself.

Massage Company

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It was the best and most relaxing massage that I have ever gotten! I already have my next appointment.

Your Stellar Life

Best massage I’ve ever had! Perfect pressure. Left me feeling like a new person and helped me with my sciatica! Will definitely go back!

Sparkling Spa


Pro Tip: Massages in Santa Barbara are great for giving yourself a little R&R, but they also make fantastic gifts for other people. Treat someone special to a day out with a trip to the spa and a relaxing massage, helping ease their muscles and worries. You can even go along together and relax side by side by reserving a couples massage.


Top Rated

Affordable Massages in Santa Barbara: Frequently Asked Questions

Need a little help deciding which massage is best for you or where you should go for your treatment? Check out these FAQs. If you're unsure how to use your massage deal or have any other questions, read the Groupon Manual.

How much is a massage in Santa Barbara?

You can generally expect to pay between $80 and $100 for a one-hour massage in Santa Barbara. The specific price of your treatment will depend on what type of treatment you have, the spa you visit, and – in some cases – the therapist you use.

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The cost of your massage can also change depending on any extras you choose to add. For example, some spas will offer an optional glass of bubbly on arrival, while others will let you pair a relaxing massage with other therapies – including facials and pedicures.

If you're looking for a cheap massage, browse our range of deals which offer you up to 70% off the original price.

Where can I get a massage in Santa Barbara?

There are plenty of great massage places in Santa Barbara where you can go to rest, recuperate, and ease any kinks or knots in your muscles.

Here are our top picks for the best massage in Santa Barbara:

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  • The Massage Company. Skilled therapists provide a range of services to leave customers feeling fully pampered and relaxed. These include craniosacral therapy, Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massages.
  • Sparkling Spa. Tranquility is key at this spa, where you'll sense the positive atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. There's a huge range of treatments available – each supplemented by high-quality products.

What are the benefits of a massage?

Getting a massage has various benefits, with different techniques helping relax individual muscles and leaving you feeling your very best.

These are some of the many benefits of massages:

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  • Sports massages are great for helping ease any strained muscles or reduce the pain and soreness following sporting injuries.
  • Facial massages at Oksana's Facials can help relax your muscles and improve blood flow to your face for a brighter, more youthful look.
  • Full body massages are the ultimate in relaxation, helping to unwind your mind and soothe any tension in your muscles.

Discover more benefits of the treatment in our ultimate massage guide.

What types of massage can I get in Santa Barbara?

You'll find different types of massage available depending on the spa or massage center you decide to visit. Some of the most popular massage types available in Santa Barbara include:

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  • Full body massage. This focuses on different muscles, from your head to your toes. It's perfect if you need to de-stress and soothe your mind and body.
  • Swedish massage. Swedish massages use long strokes and deep pressure to work the kinks and knots out of your back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Deep tissue massage. A more intense type of massage that digs into the muscles to really work them, and relieve aches and pains.

Read more about the different kinds of massage in our summary of the 11 types of massage.


The 11 Types of Massage: a Complete Guide


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The Ultimate Massage Guide

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Massage Etiquette Guide: Tips for the Most Relaxing Massage

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