Wine Tasting in Lompoc

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  • Sort This Out Cellars
    Sort This Out Cellars combines the wine selection of a boutique specialty store with the aesthetic of a Vegas diner in the 1950s. Chrome and red stools line up at the bar, and sleek vinyl loveseats are juxtaposed against wine barrels in the lounge. The winery’s aesthetic was inspired by a 1961 Rat Pack photo that recalled times of unapologetic fast living, glamour, and gambling. Because the founders wanted to avoid the sleepy, pastoral vibe of most wineries and all roadside hay-petting zoos, they embraced the rockabilly aesthetic to ensure that their digs were as exciting as their customers and wines. Those small-batch wines are created from grapes purchased from Californian vineyards and crushed by Sort This Out’s proprietor. “This means,” a writer for Wine Country This Week noted, “he can search the state for the best grapes to crush, or in some cases the best juice from another winery to purchase, and then finish it into his own wine.” The aesthetics surrounding the wine are also important. Mid-century gentlemen’s playing cards inspired a line of bottles with pin-ups on the label matched to flavors within. Other elixirs borrow their names from poker and Vegas table games, hinting at inventive combinations of pinot grigio, viognier, and sauvignon blanc grapes. Some evenings, toasting glasses punctuate the sounds of live music. True to form, the guest bands play oldies and rockabilly tunes.
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  • Beckmen Vineyards
    Rolling green land lined with rows of grapevines marks a steep hillside overlooking Santa Ynez Valley. In 1996, Tom Beckman planted the first of those grapes and soon filled all 365 acres that make up Beckman Vineyards. With elevations reaching 1,250 feet, it turned out to be more than just a labor of love. Hillside vineyards take more work and extra care, but Tom knew only a location such as this could yield the world-class Rhone varietals he required to make his prized wines. From that difficult but rewarding terrain, he produces syrah, marsanne, and grenache blanc wines, among others. Small batches of cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc are also made from the grapes grown there. To share his wine and passion with others, he invites visitors to sample bottles at his tasting room, rather than steal them from his home cellar. Located in Los Olivos, the setting of the wine-focused film Sideways, the tasting room offers a quaint getaway and the opportunity to picnic at one of three gazebos near a duck pond.
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    2670 Ontiveros Road
    Santa Ynez, CA US
  • Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards
    In 1968, bearing a degree in geography and a taste for fine wines, Richard Sanford set out to find the perfect location to grow pinot noir grapes. He dreamed of a climate zone similar to France’s Burgundy region, often poring over maps and statistics in search of a similar locale in his native California. Upon discovering the Transverse mountain ranges of Santa Barbara County, Richard felt his shovel thump the lid of a potential treasure chest. With mountains running east to west, the range allowed the ocean air to rush down the Santa Ynez Valley and keep the climate right where he needed it. Since his discovery, Richard has worked with his wife, Thekla, for more than 40 years on 100 acres of certified organic vineyards, using the literal fruits of their labor to craft delicate versions of pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot gris, pinot blanc, and vin gris wines.
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    7250 Santa Rosa Rd.
    Buellton, CA US
  • Roblar Winery
    The oak trees surrounding Roblar Winery never lose their leaves, standing as a pastoral testament to the mild climate of the Santa Ynez Valley. It's this same climate that attracted winemakers Kerry Damskey and Brian Davison. At this bucolic vineyard just 30 minutes from Santa Barbara, they turn varietals including Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Sangiovese, and Grenache into wines praised for both their complexity and drinkability. These wines draw enthusiasts from all over to the lodge-style winery, where a 5,000 square foot tasting room hosts regular showcases of Damesky and Davison's creations. Though it's a commanding space, the tasting room is just one welcoming environ of Roblar's estate; guests can also take a glass on a patio shaded by trellised vines, or decamp to the rentable Barrel Room for banquets, conventions, or private parties.
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    3010 Roblar Ave.
    Santa Ynez, CA US
  • Curtis Winery
    Star Trek producer Douglas Cramer once stored his collection of fine art inside the ivy-covered building that stands at 5249 Foxen Canyon Road. But in 1995, the Firestone family acquired the scenic property to open Curtis Winery. Today, paintings still adorn the winery's walls, but French oak barrels and stomping bins create a more rustic ambience. Small-lot winemaking techniques are at the heart of the Firestone family's wines. Grapes are harvested by hand, gently de-stemmed, and stomped for juices that ferment in open-top bins. Visitors to the winery can sip syrah, Mourvèdre, and other varietals.
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    5249 Foxen Canyon Road
    Los Olivos, CA US
  • Royal Oak Winery
    Within the storefront of Royal Oak Winery, visitors learn the careful and centuries-old process of handcrafted wines. Once inside, guests will find the names and explanations of that week's?or day's?pour, wines that the vintners hope embody their philosophy that wine should be approachable and fun. Guests can sip samples at the tasting bar before purchasing a bottle or two of their sweet varietals and dessert wines.
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    1651 Copenhagen Dr
    Solvang, CA US

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