Laser Hair Removal in Millington

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  • P H C Medical Spa
    A branch of Primary Health Care of Millington, the PHC Medical Spa adds an aesthetic outpost to the organization's body of services. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Regina Lindsey, who either performs or supervises all treatments, the med-spa staff helps to treat problematic skin conditions, slow or eliminate unwanted hair growth via laser, and lessen tension with relaxation and medical massage. Experienced tattoo artist Mamie Shannon fine-tunes faces with permanent makeup, and a range of laser treatments, peels, and cosmetic injections rejuvenate the skin and help lessen the tiny accordion pleats left by aging.
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    4782 Navy Rd
    Millington, TN US
  • Magnolia Medi Spa
    At Magnolia Medispa, trained technicians use lasers to help clients with a wide range of aesthetic goals. Ablative lasers are used to diminish scars and sun damage, and hair-removal lasers smooth skin in various areas of the face and body. People can also book appointments for SmartLipo body-contouring treatments.
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    1204 North Houston Levee Road
    Cordova, TN US
  • Pelli' Medical Aesthetics
    Under the direction of Dr. Jeff Lowery, the staff of Pelli' Medical Aesthetics rejuvenates appearances with a catalog of noninvasive services. Technicians wield laser light to achieve various ends, employing its concentrated rays to eliminate body hair, plump wrinkles, reduce acne, and entertain cats for hours and hours. To help aging patrons reclaim their youthful allure, medical personnel supply weight-loss supplements, inject dermal fillers, and thicken lashes with prescription solutions. Obagi medical products infuse skin with curative ingredients that resolve common skin conditions, and a suite of professional beauty products helps patients sustain their results long after their visit.
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    3086 Poplar Ave.
    Memphis, TN US
  • Mona Spa and Laser Center
    Microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes the face's stratum corneum, or outermost surface of the skin. These dead cells stifle the under-face like a mother who coils her grown children in plus-sized swaddling cloths. At Mona Spa, expert aestheticians perform the procedure over the course of 45 minutes. Lie back and let their well-trained hands guide a Clarisonic cleaning brush over your facial region, ridding it of oppressive dirt and overly sentimental oil. The crystal-free cool microdermabrasion treatment comes next, followed by LED therapy delivered with gentle airflow to soothe your recently excavated baby skin. Top it all off with the gentle hug of a moisture mask that will protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun, especially useful if the sun is breaking into your house at night to watch your cable.
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    5101 Sanderlin Avenue
    Memphis, TN US
  • Bombay Beauty Salon
    When life on the lam plunks you in the middle of an identity comedy worthy of Shakespeare or Voltaire, respond in kind with the proper face and head shaping that will keep your disguise intact. Tame unruly tresses with a trim (starting at $15), or make a pit stop to treat yourself to an express facial ($35) during a particularly tiring shift of delivering plutonium to local captains of industry. Exterminate uninvited body hairs with any of Bombay's regionally specific waxes (starting at $11). Waxing provides a longer-lasting hairlessness than shaving, and when the hair does come back after a few weeks, it's meek, soft, and easily scared back into the follicle with banging pans or the threat of another round of wax.
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    5062 American Way
    Memphis, TN US
  • Laurel James Hair Elements
    With a portfolio chock full of everything from fun chunky highlights to subtle all-over color?plus stylish cuts for men or girls with coarse hair?it's clear that no hair request intimidates Laurel James. In fact, Ms. James is a traveling educator who visits other salons to teach their stylists about cutting hair and coloring it with the Schwarzkopf product line, which she uses in her own salon. There, she and fellow stylist Rachael Austein Brower add dimension with foil highlights and correct home dye jobs, as well as texturize hair with permanent waves and chop off split ends.
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    6805 Summer Ave.
    Bartlett, TN US

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