Rolfing in National City

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  • UTC Chiropractic
    Doctor of Chiropractic Josh Caldwell and his wife founded UTC Chiropractic as a treatment facility for the whole family. He says that, "Health must be earned and maintained," pointing out that if you're not actively maintaining it, you're losing it. Thus, he works with people of all ages to provide spinal adjustments, relieve pain, and to support an active, healthy lifestyle of beating vegetables to a pulp and then drinking them.
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    8895 Towne Centre Dr., Ste. 109
    San Diego, CA US
  • Girard Rolf Studio
    Reservations/Appointments: Required Handicap Accessible: Yes Parking: Parking lot
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    1114 North Coast Highway 101
    Encinitas, CA US
  • California Rolfing and Massage
    Gary Mock and Hanja Knotkova alleviate pain with massages and Rolfing. They offer therapeutic massages as well as a Rolfing session, a massage designed for those that spend a lot of time at their computers. Alternatively, Rolfing is a holistic approach to treating pain that takes the body?s relationship to gravity into account when manipulating its soft tissue. Gary and Hanja use Rolfing to ease clients' chronic pain, increase their ranges of motion, and help their bodies gain resilience.
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    2911 State St.
    Carlsbad, CA US
  • Therapy Solutions
    Doctors Bouwhuis and Beierle strive to eliminate chronic pain caused by musculoskeletal issues. During consultations, they diagnose concerns such as slipped or bulging discs and incorrect posture, then develop lifelong habit improvements and preventive measures with each client to avoid further aggravation. They then execute an adjustment to alleviate discomfort and improve range of motion. They can also arrange rehabilitative plans consisting of corrective exercises to be performed three days a week, thus continuing their efforts to not only relieve the pain now but keep it from recurring.
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    24582 Del Prado
    Dana Point, CA US
  • Rolfing Jiri Peremsky
    More than a massage technique, rolfing helps set all the muscles right instead of focusing on specific regions of the body. See what's in store for your session with Jiri Peremsky. Rolfing: Tuning Up the Whole Body A typical rolfing session can feel uncomfortable, even intense, but professionals declare that the relief a person feels after the treatment is worth any discomfort they may experience during. Following the teachings of their forebear, Ida P. Rolf, rolfers apply deep, sustained pressure throughout the body to manipulate fascia, a plastic-like webbing that covers and connects muscles. The goal is to grant pain relief by aligning the body as a whole, rather than treating only the places that hurt. Aside from its more intense methods, a few things set rolfing?or structural integration, as it?s more formally known?apart from massage. Clients always keep their underwear on. Rolfers rarely use oils, preferring focused pressure over gliding strokes. And the first treatment begins with a period of observation, where the rolfer watches how his or her client stands and walks, A 10-treatment regimen is standard for most, after which the body is allowed to adapt to its new alignment?and the enhanced breathing, flexibility, and coordination that is said to come with it?for anywhere from one month to a year before returning for tune-up sessions.
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    119 East 18th Street
    Costa Mesa, CA US
  • Synergy Wellness Clinic Palm Desert
    Synergy Wellness & Rejuvenation Spa's founder?Dr. Steve Nelson, who was featured in Suzanne Somers's lifestyle-and-wellness book, Breakthrough?boosts clients' confidence with weight-loss and appearance-enhancing services that rely heavily on technology. He uses such equipment as the noninvasive i-Lipo laser to rupture fat cells' membranes and cause them to shrink, and the Asyra bio-energetic testing device to determine allergy sensitivity and hormonal profiles.
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    74133 El Paseo
    Palm Desert, CA US