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  • Skyhigh FlyBoards
    Skyhigh FlyBoards gives clients a thrill as they feel the wind in their hair floating through the air aboard flyboards, hoverboards, and water jetpacks. The flyboard equipment straps to a riders feet, and a pair of powerful hoses attached to its underside spray jets of water straight downward, propelling riders skyward. It sounds complicated, but it takes the typical newbie about five minutes to get the hang of steering themselves, especially when learning from expert instructors like Caleb Gavic, H2RO Hydroflight World ranked 5th Pro by H2RO Magazine. Once they get their sealegs?or rather, airlegs?riders can try to attempt different flips and tricks while jetting in and out of the water while under the supervision of expert instructors. The water sports pros also have hoverboards that incorporate a similar technology to a more skateboard-like design and water jetpacks straight out of a sci-fi movie.
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    1500 Old Highway 8
    New Brighton, MN US

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