Cooking Classes in Newberg

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  • fuAsian Catering
    Chef Thu Ha Dinh and her eclectic team at fuAsian merge flavors from a variety of Asian cuisines. Whether they're helming a cooking class or whipping up well-crafted meals for diners or catered events, the chefs use handpicked natural ingredients, creating dishes that ooze earth-culled goodness and each write polite thank-you notes to the ozone layer.
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    365 N State St.
    Lake Oswego, OR US
  • The Kids Cooking Corner
    From the outside, the nonprofit, 100% volunteer-run Kids Cooking Corner has the whimsical appearance of a fairy-tale cottage, its white siding accented by baby-blue paint and surrounded by fresh flowers and topiaries. The interior of the century-old house is equally exciting to youngsters, though not because of a prince or fairy godmother willing to do all of the heavy lifting. Children work hard at The Kids Cooking Corner, but the work is disguised in fun and rewarded with tasty snacks. Instructors warmly welcome foster children and children with special needs into their classrooms. Helmed by chef, health enthusiast, and mother of three Heidi O'Connor, the volunteers at The Kids Cooking Corner strive to educate whippersnappers on nutrition, food safety, and food prep, often helping picky eaters try new foods along the way. Instructors incorporate math, science, and reading into curricula, teaching real-world applications for kids' school-sourced skills. Children definitely get their hands dirty, however: in spring and summer, they spend time in The Kids Cooking Corner garden, getting firsthand experience working with ingredients from seed to plate. Brightly painted walls, a playful party room, and a fully stocked kitchen provide a safe, exciting environment for kids to get crafty with edibles during each class, as well as during summer camps, parties, and peaceful games of food baseball.
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    5206 Northeast 78th Street
    Vancouver, WA US
  • NW BBQ and Grilling School
    Smoke and fierce heat rise from a battalion of Weber gas grills and Big Green Egg smokers as barbecue docents line up in front of them, ready to wrangle rafts of raw meat into expertly grilled, smoked, and sauced feasts. In classes that range from three to seven hours, Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School's instructors impart their knowledge of sauces and marinades. They also teach students how to brine, smoke, and grill ingredients such as ribs, turkeys, chickens, peppers, pork, and veggies, all of which are provided. The three dudes in charge have been leading classes since 1998. Head honcho Stu McMullen draws upon myriad cooking classes and international travels to develop exciting recipes, while "sauce king" Eric Viken introduces sauces that can enchant palates and save accidentally overcooked meats. The barbecue experts hold classes onsite or in private backyards, enabling the family cat to finally learn to do something productive with its hunting gifts.
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    4107 Fruit Valley Rd., Ste. L
    Vancouver, WA US
  • Quail Run Creamery
    Quail Run Creamery's co-owner, Scott "Dominic" Catino, draws on experience crafting soft cheeses and pampering the sustainable farm's bleating denizens to teach interactive classes to groups of up to 20 people. Sessions kick off with a tour of the dairy, which lets students learn how artisans prepare creamy delights and dispels conspiracy theories about Superman's role in the process. After a presentation on the history of cheeses, which is peppered with intriguing facts and trivia, tongues quiver in anticipation of a cheese plate. Coupled with tastings of Oregon wines, the platter parades seven different classifications of cheese that run the gamut from soft and mild to hard, complex, and brooding.
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    29645 Northwest Quail Run Drive
    Gaston, OR US
  • Meko Sauce
    Ghanaian cuisine leans heavily on a sauce combining peppers, onions, ginger, oil, tomatoes, and shrimp. The pepper and ginger slice through the gentle acidity of tomatoes and the sweetness of shrimp, complementing both meat and vegetable dishes. The cooks behind Delight of Africa started out making batches as a favor to friends and family. Today, they still follow a recipe for the sauce handed down from their grandparents, using only fresh ingredients and never adding preservatives or food coloring. They also hold cooking lessons, teaching groups to re-create traditional West African recipes and broaden their horizons without the dangers of touching a spinning globe.
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    300 N. Killingsworth St.
    Portland, OR US
  • Chef Ron Martin
    When party planners enlist the services of Chef Ron, they begin a working dialogue to reach a collaborative and personalized game plan for their occasion. If the host is short on ideas, an elegant list of menu options can quickly be whipped up. With a plan in place, Chef Ron will execute it with the precision of a diamond-tip paring knife, slicing down the aisles of the finest grocer in pursuit of the freshest ingredients.
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    1300 Southwest Park Avenue
    Portland, OR US

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