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  • Jones Window Works
    After eight years of commercial and construction cleaning, Jimmie Jones decided to found his own business so that he could spend more time with his wife. They now happily spend their days together, traveling out to clients' homes and sudsing windowpanes inside and out as a team. Intent on scrubbing windows until they have fewer spots than a spray-painted dalmatian, the Joneses use biodegradable soaps that cling to dirt, extracting it from the surface. Then the duo runs Australian-imported Wagtail squeegees along the glass surface, extracting layers of grime and leaving behind an iridescent pane. Beyond cleaning the windows, the biodegradable cleaning products have significantly less impact on houses' landscaping.
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    555 Tucson-Nogales Highway
    Nogales, AZ US
  • Sparkle Cleaners
    Sparkle's thread cleansing doyens have been sprucing up sullied duds with dry cleaning and laundering services for fifty years. The locally owned clean machine offers same-day service for no additional charge, taking in suits ($12.69+) soiled from early-morning coffee spills and preparing them for elegant evenings of cocktail-party pie-fights. Tidy up your skirts ($7.28+) and dresses ($11.61+) in time to enjoy the summer sun, or boycott warmer weather in style with a spotless jacket ($7.61+). The secure after-hours drop-off creates a discreet location to unload shirts ($5.67+), pants ($4.98+), and tin-foil jumpsuits brought back from the future as souvenirs by quantum- leaping relatives.
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    250 W Continental Rd
    Green Valley, AZ US
  • Bed Mart
    Bead Bar's bead baristas guide jewelry crafters with a wealth of bauble knowledge, provisioning projects from the amply stocked store. Students can bring their own spirited refreshments to make sessions merrier, journeying past bead-bedazzled walls and cascades of clasps to reach the workshop, where they'll discover the basics of jewelry creation during basic stringing and crimping classes (click here to view the schedule). After pupils choose one of five bracelet kits?which include a clasp, four fire-ball beads, finishing beads, wire, wire guards, and a strand of firepolish beads?instructors model foundational stringing techniques and imbue new crafters with a sense of symmetry and color combinations. Bracelet makers learn how to highlight feature beads and artfully select accent beads, then take an oath to use filler beads only for fighting crimes of bare-wristedness. To bring closure to both classes and adornments, the staff imparts advice on selecting clasps to make sure bracelets can't leave wrists or ankles without asking permission first.
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    325 W Fry Blvd
    Sierra Vista, AZ US
  • Magnifi-Scent Cleaning
    Dust is relentless. Whether a house's baseboards or under an office's conference table, no environment can quell its endless invasions. Luckily, the crew at Magnifi-Scent Cleaning Company is just as unforgiving, sending its bonded and insured professionals to both residential and commercial sites equipped with environmentally friendly cleaning products and their own set of strict cleaning standards. As part of their methodical mission, the cleaners also follow lengthy, room-specific checklists, making sure to thoroughly wipe down everything from the kitchen's microwave to the bedroom nightstand's microwave.
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    1396 E Lazy Jake
    Vail, AZ US
  • Arizona Pest Control Company
    Arizona Pest Control Company's insured and certified technicians have been marching into battle against multilegged opponents since 1947. In their 67 years of service, they have evolved the knowledge and weaponry necessary for evicting bugs, birds, and rodents from both residential and commercial abodes. As they scour homes for signs of unwanted guests, they implement up-to-date technology to both banish and bar pests from the premises. With eco-friendly bee traps, which lack the pesticides that affect other native animals, the staff can settle long-standing debates over whether that buzzing noise was in your mind all along. Antitermite warranties and treatments keep wooden foundations standing firm, and highly educated bird-control personnel clear out feathery nuisances. Technicians can schedule recurring appointments as well as report for emergency services 24 hours a day.
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    1127 N Rook Ave.
    Tucson, AZ US
  • Ventana CrossFit
    The certified trainers at Ventana CrossFit don't subscribe to gimmicky quick-fix weight-loss programs and fad diets. Instead, they value long-term lifestyle changes achieved through hard work and dedication, motivating their clients to change how they look at themselves and their overall wellness. In each class, they lead small groups of students through the high-intensity Workout of the Day, which challenges different muscle groups each time the sun rises to prevent fitness plateaus. These total-body toning exercises are based on CrossFit's nine fundamental movements, including squats, shoulder presses, and dead lifts. The trainers take a custom approach to classes and can scale exercises to suit students of all ages, fitness levels, and character classes—from the feeble sorcerer to the burly barbarian. In addition to performing the foundational moves, students also swing kettlebells, heave medicine balls, and jump rope to carve a lean, toned physique.
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    6875 E Sunrise
    Tucson, AZ US

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