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  • Therapeutix Massage Centre
    It's all about relaxation at Therapeutix Massage Centre—just check out the service menu's headlining service, the relaxation massage. The therapists here also specialize in deep-tissue massage and massage for injury. They enhance each treatment with the optional addition of essential oils.
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    1144 W 2700
    Pleasant View, UT US
  • Soothing Days Massage Therapy
    Krista Call's passion for massage therapy started as an interest in aromatherapy. She has used essential oils for the past 24 years, choosing, for example, lavender oil for bug bites, tea-tree oil for its cleansing effects, and peppermint for allergic reactions to reindeer. Eventually she began receiving reflexology treatments at the location where she bought her oils, which made her realize how crucial the mind-body connection is to health. She became a licensed massage therapist, desiring to share massage's myriad physical and emotional benefits with others. At Soothing Days Massage Therapy, Call specializes in therapeutic Swedish and prenatal sessions and gently heats towels or stones to enhance circulation and relaxation. She loosens muscles at spa parties and bridal showers and can also travel to offices or sporting events to perform chair massages.
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    942 Chambers St.
    Ogden, UT US
  • An Artist's Touch
    After graduating from the Ogden Institute of Massage, Melissa Mower practiced her craft in spas and chiropractic offices alike. Today, she brings the skills she honed in those contrasting environments to her very own studio. Mower prides herself on the open communication environment that she cultivates with her clients, whose massage "wants" are just as important to her as their massage "needs." She addresses these issues and more with bodywork from modalities that include deep-tissue, Swedish, sports, and trigger-point massage. During hot-stone massages, Mower soothes deep-seated pain with carefully placed simmering rocks; during infant massage, she eases youthful discomfort by placing babies on clients' sore backs.
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    4580 Adams Ave.
    South Ogden, UT US
  • Sundance Physical Therapy
    Athletes aren't the only people who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries. The stresses of everyday life can cause wear and strain for virtually anyone, leading to a life plagued by chronic pain. Although the licensed physical therapist, certified athletic trainers, and massage therapists at Sundance Physical Therapy can treat the needs of dedicated athletes, they also lend their services to anyone suffering from sprains, soft-tissue injuries, chronic neck and back pain, and more. By utilizing a customized regimen of therapeutic massage modalities, rehabilitative exercises, and other specialized treatments, the staff targets the root causes of clients' discomfort instead of just the symptoms.
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    2850 N 2000 W
    Ogden, UT US
  • Paul Mitchell School - Ogden
    Blow dryers whir in the hands of stylists in training as they concentrate on perfecting their trade. Wielding professional-grade Paul Mitchell shampoos, conditioners, and awapuhi-keratin treatments, the students cut, color, and style the hair of their clients, adhering to professional standards. Paul Mitchell the School trains its students to be citizens of the world as well as ambassadors of beauty. The school sets an example worth following with its eco-friendly practices and support for charitable causes that give back to the local community.
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    2285 Grant Avenue
    Ogden, UT US
  • NS Minerals
    NS Minerals mills its ingredients into fine pigments, then packages the blends without any additional fillers, chemicals, and dyes. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide—carefully coated to avoid absorption—act as natural sun blockers, and the light powders lend a natural look to faces. Foundations create a mat finish that flatters faces, unlike caked-on liquid makeup or caked-on frosting from birthday cakes. In addition to subtle tones, such as light peach and warm brown, the NS Nightlife line lights up the eyes of partygoers or piñatas with glittery shades such as neon yellow, fire red, and dark green.
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    247 24th Street
    Ogden, UT US

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