Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Roughly one-third of the population of Utah lives in its capital city: Salt Lake City. Amid those one million residents you’ll find a lot more diversity than you might initially expect, and that diversity makes the restaurants in Salt Lake City all the more exciting to discover. Seek out delicious moles from any of the Mexican restaurants (the city has a booming Latino population) or go for something you’re only likely to find in Utah: Bosnian or Navajo cuisine! The city’s Bosnian population rose in the ‘90s during the Bosnian war and the southern portion of the state is part of the Navajo Nation making both culture’s oft overlooked cuisines easier to find. Learn a little more about restaurants in Salt Lake City below.

Best Mexican Cuisine in Salt Lake City

Red Iguana | 736 W. North Temple St.

Red Iguana isn’t just thought of as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake City, some people even consider it some of the best Mexican food in all of Utah. Featured on the show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, it’s been serving up traditional dishes and seven types of moles since 1985. And it’s the moles that are the stars of Red Iguana’s menu. From classic mole negro with its Mexican chocolate and peanuts to more off-the-beaten path moles such as their mole amarillo, which uses golden raisins, yellow tomatoes, and habaneros. Looking for something a little different? Try the enmoladas to start. It’s a dish of three corn tortillas filled with refried beans and topped with mole negro and cheese. Just remember: this place is a draw in and of itself so don’t be surprised if there’s a wait!

Best Peruvian Cuisine in Salt Lake City

Del Mar al Lago Cebicheria Peruana | 310 Bugatti Ave. South


Del Mar al Lago Cebicheria Peruana chefs Frederick Perez and Wilmer Arroyo cook with the flavors of the Peruvian ocean—flavors they have loved for all their lives. The menu is full of scallops, shrimp, mussels, and fish, but their signature dish is probably the Cebiche Fusion. It’s a four-part medley of saucy seafood served as appetizers. For one part of the quartet, the chefs spotlight a classic mixture of fish with cilantro, corn, sweet potato, and chilis. The other three include more exotic ingredients, such as calamari, octopus, and shrimp cured in a citrus concoction known as tiger's milk.

Best Bosnian Food in Salt Lake City

Old Bridge Café | 249 E. 3300 South St.


If we had to guess, we’d say it’s pretty unlikely most people could even name a few traditional Bosnian dishes, let alone have tasted any. That’s where Salt Lake City is special: it has Old Bridge Café, an authentic mom and pop Bosnian restaurant that’s been drawing in curious customers since 2011. Though unassuming from the outside (it’s located in a strip mall), you’re sure to be charmed by the murals, fair prices, and hearty, delicious cuisine served inside. Not sure where to start? Think of Bosnian food as sort of a blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine—you’ll see lots of phyllo dough and feta. One of their specialties, though, is ćevapi, a kind of sausage made from minced beef. You can try it, along with a little taste of just about everything else, when you order the Old Bridge Platter. It’s enough food for two and includes shish kebab, dolma, and zeljanica, a type of spinach pie.


Real 5-star reviews from real customers:


“Try the platter for two, it lets you sample all the specialties. More than enough food for three people.” – Robert O.


“Wonderful food, friendly owners-staff, small but cozy atmosphere. We'll definitely be back.” – Robert M.

“It is a great restaurant to enjoy something new and unique. Food is excellent and the service was great as well!” – Doyeon K.

Best Sushi in Salt Lake City

Itto Sushi | Midvale, UT


Okay, so technically Itto Sushi is about a 15-minute drive south of restaurants in downtown Salt Lake City, but trust us—it’s worth a little trip. When you enter the doors of Itto, it’s like leaving Utah and walking straight into Japan. A few well-placed decorative items—including Japanese paintings—add to the atmosphere, but the true journey across the Pacific comes through in the food. The chefs prepare traditional Japanese cuisine from sushi to bento boxes with the likes of salmon, chicken, and veggie tempura. More than a dozen specialty sushi rolls anchor the menu, including salmon crunch with panko shrimp, cucumber, and jalapeños. To complement the food, waiters pour frosty imported beer and sake that’s served both hot and cold.


Real 5-star reviews from real customers:


“Itto is the best sushi house hands-down! We love the variety of their incredibly delicious rolls, the friendliness of the staff and how humble and grateful the owner is. We recommend Itto to sushi lovers any chance we get!” – Lisa J.


“Some of the best sushi I’ve had in Salt Lake City. The service is great, the restaurant is great, the food is amazing love it!” – Melodee A.

“Great atmosphere, friendly and helpful wait staff, excellent food. Enough said!” – Jason M.

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