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  • Tom Martin Hypnosis
    Whether you know it or not, you?ve probably experienced some form of hypnosis. According to certified hypnotherapist Tom Martin, hypnosis doesn?t just occur when you?re seeing a professional hypnotherapist or on an alien spaceship?it also occurs when you have a vivid day dream or drive somewhere, arrive, and find that you don?t remember the trip at all. It is, at its essence, a way to encourage a natural, relaxed state of consciousness. At his office, Tom Martin, who has supervised more than 200 hours of hypnosis sessions, relaxes the conscious mind in order to tap into the subconscious mind. He does this in order to offer suggestions to the subconscious mind. These suggestions help clients improve themselves and achieve goals ranging from weight loss to minor stress and pain relief.
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    1009 Columbine Dr.
    Frederick, MD US
  • Living Lite Annapolis
    Since its founding in 1987, Living Lite's weight-loss program has helped thousands of people slim down quickly and almost effortlessly. Instead of simply telling clients to change their eating habits, its practitioners use hypnotic suggestion to root newer, healthier behaviors in the subconscious minds. Clients find themselves exercising regularly and picking more wholesome foods without ever having to think about it consciously. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis does not induce amnesia, and participants will usually remember everything that happens during the soothing sessions.
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    1410 West Street
    Annapolis, MD US
  • Philly Hypnosis
    During a discussion of sports-performance psychology on Fox 29 News, Todd Stofka, founder of Philly Hypnosis, paraphrased self-help pioneer Napoleon Hill in saying, "What you believe, you can achieve." This mantra captures the mission of Todd and his business partner and former protégé, Pat Donohue, as they use hypnotherapy's power of suggestion to help clients remodel their thoughts in the areas of sports, smoking, and eating. The pair of certified hypnotherapists conducts hypnosis using Todd's signature technique, the Stofka method, which combines his firsthand insight as a competitive athlete with neurolinguistic psychology and traditional hypnosis.
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    101 Taylor Ave
    Essington, PA US
  • Living Lite Annapolis
    Though she became a hypnotherapist to beat smoking, Katie Evans soon realized that her goal was a half-measure. She recognized a potential for weight loss in hypnosis that she hadn't seen in her several dieting attempts, which had all petered out due to lack of motivation. By harnessing the power of suggestion, she established a program that works by treating clients from within the subconscious, rather than by trying to dictate their actions from the outside. The Living Lite weight-loss program in the Baltimore area is now run by nurse practitioner Sue Ouellette, a successful user of the program who uses her 35 years of experience and a humorous style to help other students. In doing so, the program strives to adjust how participants view and plan their meals. The soothing hypnosis sessions combat resigned attitudes and familiar cravings, aiming to replace them with confidence and an intuitive preference for wholesome foods. The seminars also serve to debunk popular myths about hypnotherapy, including that it causes amnesia or that it was invented by the first grandfather clock. The center's catalog of stress-reducing CDs endeavors to help smokers, expectant mothers, and those suffering from insomnia as well.
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    5902 York Rd.
    Baltimore, MD US