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  • Heritage Stable
    Owner and trainer Mike McGowan and his staff cultivate a love of all things equestrian on the scenic grounds of Heritage Stables. The facility's 80'x200' outdoor arena allows neophyte riders to practice walking, trotting, and cantering as guardians and onlookers relax in a heated viewing room. Prior to lessons, the trainers keep horses in prime riding shape, pampering each animal with a 12'x12' stall in which it can enjoy twice-daily feedings of hay and grain and biweekly readings of Cat Fancy.
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    681 Franklin St
    Skaneateles, NY US
  • Kingston Pet Sitting Svc
    Deployed in Turkey as an administrative clerk in the army, and thus charged with defending every civilian back home, Wendy Waghorn could only focus on the safety of one: her beloved black labrador. Upon her return, Wendy swore an oath to ease other owners' minds about leaving their pets alone by founding Kingston Pet Sitting Service in 2003. Since then, Wendy has amassed a client list of thousands of pets, from dogs and cats to horses and chickens, supplementing her lifelong love of animals with college courses on animal behaviour, nursing techniques, and pet first aid. Wendy and her small staff walk, feed, groom, and attend lovingly to critters during daytime visits, concluding each with a report of their behaviour and feedback on their novel's latest chapter. Caretakers always walk dogs individually in their own neighbourhood, ensuring a safe, familiar setting. Kingston Pet Sitting Service is a member of the Kingston Humane Society and World Society for the Protection of Animals.
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    829 Norwest Rd
    Kingston, ON CA
  • LuLu's Pet Services
    The certified groomers and furry-friend lovers at LuLu's Pet Services groom, walk, visit, and otherwise care for beloved dogs, cats, and other pets. Grooming services go to the next level, with aromatherapy, anti-shedding services, and the option to groom pups at home. For pet owners going out of town or enjoying a big night out, LuLu's staff will come by to ensure pets are fed and watered, walk dogs, and clean kitties' litter boxes. They'll also help the humans by adjusting blinds and outdoor lights, bringing in the mail, or taking out the garbage as needed.
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    333 Kingsdale Ave
    Kingston, ON CA
  • Mary W Giaquinto DR DVM
    Mary W Giaquinto DR DVM's offices are clean and comfortable to ensure your best health in Cape Vincent. For medical treatments such as medical checkups, this medical facility is exactly what you need. If the sniffles turn into something more serious, all the proper medical assistance awaits you at Mary W Giaquinto DR DVM.
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    36005 State Route 12e
    Cape Vincent, NY US
  • Tuxedo's K9 Training Camp, Inc.
    A graduate of Animal Behavior College, Mark Forrest Patrick espouses the benefits of positive reinforcement when training dogs. Using this approach, Patrick helps owners form long-lasting bonds with their four-legged companions as well as diminish bad behaviors, such as refusing to heel or illegally hiding an ace card in its coat. Rewarding pets for their good behavior can also help them learn skills in class more willingly, such as retrieving and walking on a leash. In addition to teaching dogs, Patrick also imparts owners with knowledge on how best to interact with their pets, leading to a more harmonious relationship in the home or on the Iditarod course.
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    892 East Ridge Road
    Rochester, NY US
  • Christopher Robins Pet Care
    Christopher Robins Pet Care nurtures dogs and cats through daycare and boarding, grooming, training, and pet photography services. During dog boarding, each visiting pet receives a customized schedule, allowing older dogs more one-on-one attention and relaxation while more energetic dogs scamper through the facilities in group play sessions. Dog daycare similarly customizes playtime with three separate play areas. Cats and dogs visiting for grooming sessions receive a bath, treatment with shampoo and conditioner, and a haircut.
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    415 Rochester St
    Avon, NY US

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