Veterinarian in Palm Valley

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  • Pet Doctors of America
    Pet Doctors of America is dedicated to providing the finest possible care for your pet. You never need an appointment, and you?ll always be served by licensed veterinarians and a friendly, compassionate staff. And thanks to our posted prices, you?ll know the cost of any service the moment you walk in.
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    1103 3rd St S
    Jacksonville Beach, FL US
  • Animal Hospital of Hodges and San Pablo
    At Hodges Animal Hospital, the husband-and-wife team of Dr. Kantimahanthi and Dr. Gadiyaram oversees a staff of fellow animal lovers that carries out veterinary procedures, cares for boarding pets, and grooms cats and dogs. The doctors perform diagnostics, such as screenings for heartworm and feline leukemia, and seek owners' consent before tackling urgent surgeries and critical-care treatments. Pet owners are allowed to stay by their pet's side at all times, whether the pet is undergoing a routine checkup or emergency belly rub. The staff also practices microchipping, in which a small chip is embedded beneath a pet's skin to help track it in case it gets lost and needs to email back home.
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    13947 Beach Blvd, Ste 105
    Jacksonville, FL US
  • Atlantic Animal Hospital
    With two locations, Atlantic Animal Hospitals doesn't take time off from ensuring the health of cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Their veterinarians and assistants work seven days a week, administering all sorts of care: general exams, dermatology, dentistry, surgery, and other services. They can also board pets that need a vacation.
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    1640 Ocean Shore Boulevard
    Ormond Beach, FL US
  • Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center
    It might be surprising that out of a team of surgery, cardiology, neurology, and dentistry specialists, not one has ever performed a procedure on a person. That’s because these board-certified medical professionals prefer their patients to be covered in fur or feathers. Dr. David Menard leads Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center’s team of vets and vet techs in medical services that range from standard vaccination and sterilization procedures to more specialized treatments such as cancer therapy and acupuncture consultations. To perform each treatment as effectively as possible, the veterinarians call on a high-tech trove of medical technology that includes digital radiography equipment, camera-mounted endoscopes, and laser surgery devices. Meanwhile, an onsite pharmacy vends prescribed medications for all animal ailments, including tennis ball jaw. For pet parents going out of town, the center’s boarding resort houses cats, dogs, birds, and exotic pets in their own separate, climate-controlled facilities.
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    4209 NW 37th Pl
    Gainesville, FL US
  • Paddock Park Animal Care Center
    If pets can't join their human families on a Caribbean cruise or a Parisian getaway, they should at least stay somewhere comfortable. At Paddock Park Animal Care Center's sprawling, homey facilities, four-legged family members have their pick of indoor runs, outdoor play areas, and kennels outfitted for optimal relaxation. A caring staff pampers boarders, and skilled veterinarians address the health of each pet with both traditional and herbal medicines that tackle heart disease, dermatological issues, and arthritis brought on by incessant poker playing.
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    3931 SW 42nd St.
    Ocala, FL US
  • Ocala Square Animal Clinic
    We have a very caring and friendly staff that care deeply for the well being of your pets and a wonderful Doctor who really takes the time to listen and be there for you and your pet.
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    3631 NE 8th Pl
    Ocala, FL US