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  • Zoom Room (LA, Claremont, and Culver City)
    Zoom Room’s dog training facilities have one cardinal rule: owners must be present during class. This is because humans need just as much training as their canine companions when building confidence and communication, and it’s important that owners learn the best positive-reinforcement techniques from the knowledgeable staff. Group classes cover topics ranging from general obedience and agility training to more specific needs such as overcoming shyness. Other classes include Urban Herding, where dogs herd exercise balls into soccer goals indoors, Scent Work, where dogs learn to sniff out missing car keys or the TV remote, and Pup-lates, which is geared toward overweight or senior dogs, or those recovering from an injury. In fact, improving canine social skills is one of Zoom Room’s missions, as evidenced by the regularly hosted fundraiser events and Doggy Disco parties, which give dogs a chance to meet other dogs and expand away from their inner circle of fire hydrants. This combination of training and fun, in addition to the facility’s selection of solution-oriented training gear, natural dog treats, and functional dog accessories, has garnered an array of local and national press.
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    13618 Ventura Blvd.
    Sherman Oaks, CA US
  • Thank Dog! Bootcamp Van Nuys
    Friends and dog trainers Jill and Jamie were enjoying lunch together, recounting the events of the boot-camp class they had recently attended. Through the classes, they'd both found greater fitness and happiness, but lamented that their dogs couldn’t work out with them. Their discussion, paired with the knowledge that lack of exercise was a primary cause of canine behavioral problems, planted the seed that would later become Thank Dog! Bootcamp. Joined by personal trainer Noelle Blessey, they combined their areas of expertise to create a program to hone human bodies while providing exercise and obedience training for dogs. Each class offers a combination of cardiovascular and weight training, often blending sprints, pushups, and lifts into a seamless series of exercises in which dogs participate. Typically, personal trainers call out commands to students, who in turn call out commands to their pets. The dog trainers then remain on hand to ensure that dogs behave well, obey commands, and receive obedience rewards.
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    400 S Bob Hope Dr
    Burbank, CA US
  • Three Dog Bakery
    A beautiful treat awaits you at Three Dog Bakery. You won't want to skip dessert when you see the vast selection of sweet treats, including cakes, cookies, and more. Load up on healthy and vegan fare at Three Dog Bakery and leave with a full stomach. Throwing a big party? Count on Three Dog Bakery to provide top-notch catering with the same great dishes you love. At Three Dog Bakery, service is a priority. That why we provide parking spaces on site. Snacks, nibbles, and treats are all priced reasonably here.
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    14545 Ventura Blvd
    Sherman Oaks, CA US

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