Shooting Range in Toledo

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  • Cleland's Outdoor World
    The Range Indoor archery range Indoor firearms range Special shooting events, including shotgun nights and pistol leagues The Rentals More than 30 handgun rentals Pistols such as a Glock 19 9 mm Revolvers such as a Smith & Wesson 642 At a Glance Whether visitors are arming themselves with knowledge or a bow and arrow, the experts at Cleland's Outdoor World equip them with the training, tools, and accessories they need to do so. Onsite archery instruction includes private lessons, as well as certified training aimed to condition young people for competition in the Junior Olympics. Other classes include knife sharpening and basic firearms lessons, and the shop also carries a variety of equipment with which visitors can exercise their new skills.
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    10306 Airport Hwy.
    Swanton, OH US
  • Top Gun Shooting Sports
    If you love sports, you'll probably also love Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor. Check out this club's restaurant, where you can stay for lunch or grab your meal to go. Parking is plentiful, so patrons can feel free to bring their vehicles.
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    16725 Racho Blvd
    Taylor, MI US
  • Focus First Firearms Training
    The Instructors The instructors at Focus First Firearms Training, LLC don't have to brag about their skills—they can let their resumes do it for them. After all, they're made up of NRA-certified firearms instructors, IALEFI members, IDPA and IPSC competitive shooters, IDPA-certified range-safety officers, and even certified martial-arts instructors. The Classes Using live ammunition, students hone their marksmanship and practice proper drawing techniques, shooting on the move, and shooting from cover. Close-quarter live-fire drills and hand-to-hand combat are regularly practiced on private fields, and instructors discuss different marksmanship techniques for shotguns, rifles, and pistols during advanced classes on tactics and weapons. Classes are held at different locations and employ a martial-arts dojo for physical skills and private live-fire courses for tactics lessons. The concealed-pistol-license courses comply with the State of Michigan requirement under Section 5J of 1927 Public Act 372.
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    32625 Seven Mile Rd.
    Livonia, MI US
  • Center Mass, Inc.
    The Range 20-yard, 10-lane indoor range Sherminator's Alley has pop-up targets, targets that move laterally, and fixed targets The Rentals Pistols, revolvers, and rifles available by the hour or half-hour Customers must use CMI ammunition only to ensure safety. At a Glance Using their two shooting galleries, the instructors––who come from law-enforcement, military, and SWAT backgrounds––teach classes ranging from pistol shooting and safety for civilians to rifle patrolling for law enforcement. They also load the CAPS DVD live-fire video simulation system for tactical training, booting up one of more than 570 scenarios. The range extends to a 3,000-square-foot pro shop, where dry-fire booths enable customers to handle showroom arms while always pointing them in a safe direction.
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    33825 Plymouth Rd.
    Livonia, MI US
  • Firearm Exchange
    The Range Indoor shooting range with eight lanes, each 25 yards long Mancom electronically controlled system allows for static or moving targets HEPA air-filtration system Wet-trap systems absorb pistol, shotgun, and rifle fire The Rentals 1500-square-foot showroom Handguns and rifle rentals Ammunition and accessories available onsite At a Glance Beyond maintaining its range, Firearm Exchange's team hosts classes taught by instructors claiming NRA certifications, covering topics ranging from basic firearms operation to hunting safety. For those who bring their own firearms, a cleaning room contains maintenance supplies so shooters can clear their pieces of gunpowder residue. The range hosts social events as well.
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    30305 Schoolcraft Rd.
    Livonia, MI US
  • Shooting Range & Archery Center, LLC
    Shooting Range & Archery Center has been a staple of Michigan's tri-county area since 1975. The store stocks for the beginner and experienced archer with both traditional and modern compound bows and crossbows. Certified bow technicians conduct all restringing and repairs. Besides supplying gear, they also offer instructional classes on Saturday mornings and can accommodate outings and parties that families and friends can enjoy.
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    29500 Six Mile Rd.
    Livonia, MI US

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