Pets in Utah

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  • Little Dogs Resort and Salon
    Little Dogs Resort is designed to cater to mostly toy breed dogs. While some dogs can be under 30lbs., their temperament and needs are sometimes more athletic than our general doggie population is comfortable with. If your dog falls into this group, please call to schedule an interview so we can keep everyone safe. :)
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    4095 S Main St
    Salt Lake City, UT US
  • Vista Farms
    Vista Farms? equestrian experts edify saddled-up students ages 5 years and older on the basics of horse handling. At a private, one-hour lesson (a $35 value), mounties can bring their own horse or ride 1 of up to 10 on-site horses, building a new relationship through relaxed strolls and trading favorite novels. Head trainer Lisa Park focuses on building trust between horse and rider, providing a rundown of natural horsemanship skills and national-level showing techniques, and getting maximum height and distance out of built-in ejector saddles.
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    9363 S 3400 W
    West Jordan, UT US
  • Doggie Castle
    Kahlia and Todd opened Doggie Castle so dog owners would have a peaceful place to take their dogs to be groomed. The groomers on staff treat pets like royalty, handling them gently, cleaning them with lush products, and pretending it's normal when pets use the royal "we." In addition to grooming and spa treatments, Doggie Castle offers local, regional, and national transportation for dogs in a temperature-controlled SUV, complete with frequent stops to play and stays in pet-friendly hotels, when necessary.
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    8532 S 1300 E
    Sandy, UT US
  • The Animal Park
    The Animal Park, a full-service grooming, boarding, and daycare facility, bestows quadruped companions with a cage-free retreat. In each of the supervised indoor and outdoor small-dog (30 lbs. and under, starting at $20/night) and large-dog (more than 30 lbs., starting at $25/night) facilities, tail-waggers share olfactory secrets or pose for CM Coolidge paintings. Litter-box denizens may enjoy a stay in the Kattery Room (starting at $12/night), with its toys, mazes, climbing wall, and window perches.
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    840 W 24th St
    Ogden, UT US
  • Hanna's Naughty Dog Training
    Ivan Pavlov famously worked to condition dogs’ behaviors by ringing a bell whenever he fed his canine subjects, creating a mental link between the food and the sound. Soon, the dogs began to salivate anytime they heard the bell, regardless of whether food was offered. The owner of Hanna's Naughty Dog Training trains pooches with her own spin on the Russian scientist’s technique: she ticks a clicker and presents a treat whenever a dog successfully follows a command. After a few sessions, the treats aren’t even necessary—the dogs will respond to the sound of the clicker alone, and owners can continue training them at home with their own clickers. Training sessions are personalized to each dog and can be geared to tackle common issues such as excessive barking, chewing, and potty training.
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    2001 W 2175 N
    Lehi, UT US
  • Dog Park
    Utah Dog Park cares for canines of all sizes with an array of boarding, daycare, and grooming services. Dirt-caked dogs are ushered into a cheery orange-walled dog wash room, where marble bathtubs and detachable shower heads spray warm water across their every mud splatter, coat bramble, and temporary tattoo. Utah Dog Park's staff of hound handlers massages away fur contaminants with pooch-friendly shampoo and conditioner before a rubdown and drying session. A nail trim tames unwieldy claws and dampens the pitter-patter of puppy feet to help dogs more effectively sneak up on waiters carrying steaks.
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    596 West 1500 South
    Woods Cross, UT US

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