Landscaping in West Des Moines

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  • Ted's Garden Center
    Ted's Garden Center, in operation for almost three decades and housed in a new facility since 2007, harmonizes a symphony of verdure and home-garden supplies. The center's 88 acres house annuals ($3.99+), perennials ($9.99+/gallon), unpredictables to populate flower patches, and ornamental grass to spruce up drab carpets of regular grass. Customers can collect trees ($59.99+) for a burgeoning cubicle forest, whereas pottery ($8.99+) and garden art ($19.99+) pass for colorful petrified foliage.
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    2701 Cumming Ave
    Cumming, IA US
  • Capital Landscaping
    Owner Phil Glaser and his staff of grass whisperers have been nurturing lawns for more than 10 years. Yard experts aerate homeowners' slices of the outdoors to stimulate new root growth, creating durable root systems able to withstand the heat of summer, the cold of winter, and the chill of spilled ice water. Alternatively, the grass gurus can nourish lawns by spreading seeds. The tiny morsels of flora food help transform sparse plots into luscious and verdant grasslands rivaled only by a biodome stocked with chia pets.
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    5465 NW 1st St
    Des Moines, IA US
  • Lawns Plus Inc
    Lawns Plus Inc.'s licensed and insured technicians nurture the turf surrounding homes and businesses. These qualified landscapers protect trees and grass plots from insects and drought with pest control and irrigation systems and feed hungry lawns by spreading fertilizers with baby spoons. During the winter months, technicians also shovel snow and hang holiday lights.
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    6082 Northwest Beaver Drive
    Johnston, IA US
  • Weed Man Lawn Care - Des Moines
    For more than four decades, Weed Man's licensed and trained lawn-beautifying experts have tended to local lawns with custom blends of fertilizer, environmentally sound pest-control solutions, and knowledge gleaned from both living and working in the community. Created exclusively for Weed Man, the technicians' slow-release granular fertilizer nurtures lawns over a period of several weeks, and seeding and aeration promote continued green growth. Advice that aims to assist with local lawn problems helps inform patrons online, illuminating seasonal troubles, gardening trends, and the astrological signs of various plants.
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    222 NW 3rd Stree Place
    Ankeny, IA US
  • Matthias Arabians
    At Matthias Arabians, seasoned horse trainers Leon, Lon, and Kim Matthias teach visitors the art of steed steering in a scenic setting. In one-hour riding lessons, students of varying equine aptitude can take the reins of safe learning mounts, absorbing instructors' wisdom until their horses glide over terrain as smoothly as refurbished hovercrafts. Topics covered may range from horse-care fundamentals to proper discipline or mastering a stately trot, but all are presented with expertise and a sense of humor.
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    4454 Clarke St
    Norwalk, IA US
  • Wright Tree Care Co.
    Born of a marriage between Wright Tree Care and Heard Gardens, Wright Outdoor Solutions corners yards with a wide range of outdoor services and industry expertise stockpiled since 1928. Boasting a cornucopia of professional affiliations, including certification by the Iowa Society of Landscape Architects and the International Society of Arboriculture, the team handles a range of greenery groundwork. Landscape design starts via tree care, which can include pruning, controlling disease and infestation, or cleaning up after a treehousewarming party. The company's garden center lets green thumbs choose from many flower, shrub, and decorative options, and proffers expert advice to help bring envisioned environs to fruition.
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    8000 Raccoon River Dr
    West Des Moines, IA US