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  • Pomeroy Chiropractic Wellness
    After injuring himself during a high-school soccer game, Shawn Pomeroy couldn't shake an aching head and neck. He eventually saw a chiropractor to treat the pain, and found that it subsided after regular adjustments. Now a chiropractor himself, Dr. Pomeroy hasn’t lacked for loyalty: he still sees the same doctor for his weekly appointment. His nearly 15 years of experience have only strengthened his belief in the power of spinal science, which he practices at two welcoming offices. Pomeroy Chiropractic Wellness approaches back, neck, and head ailments from both preventive and rehabilitative angles. The staff scout for subluxations—misaligned bones putting pressure on nerves—with exams and x-rays, soothe muscular tension with massage, and educate patients on proper spinal care by demonstrating how to floss between vertebral disks. As for adjustments, Dr. Pomeroy can utilize his hands or a chiropractic instrument to try to correct backbone imbalances. His focus on family care means that both parents and children can benefit from his personalized, gentle treatments.
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    6254 E 37th St. N
    Bel Aire, KS US
  • Holmberg Wellness Group
    After pursuing several medical approaches, receiving chiropractic care was the only solution that worked for Dr. Greg Holmberg, a former young athlete who once faced the possibility that he'd never again compete because of chronic aches and numbness. He now aims to help others in the same fashion, helming a team of trained staffers to aid him in alleviating client problems without prescription drugs, surgery, or needles. When he's not promoting health during community lectures, Dr. Holmberg treats client maladies such as arthritis, back tenderness, and headaches with 10 chiropractic adjustment techniques, and he incites weight loss with nutritional counseling. He also plucks from a bouquet of stress-slaying massage modalities including deep tissue and hot stone, working to help muscles to reestablish healthful habits and unknot themselves from swallowed Scrabble pieces.
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    5846 W 21st St. N
    Wichita, KS US
  • Elite Wellness and Weight Loss Center
    Elite Wellness and Weight Loss Center's clinical director, Jeff L. Drake, D.C., and his welcoming staff are dedicated to helping patrons achieve weight loss through its personalized programs. During one-on-one evaluations, staffers analyze exercise, sleep, and eating habits and use their findings to develop realistic waist-whittling plans and timelines. The center's body wraps and infrared-sauna treatments work to reduce inches and cellulite, which appears as a result of edema and lack of circulation. The staff flushes excess toxins from the body by encasing it in a warm herbal wrap, helping increase circulation, lymphatic function, and empathy for leftovers.
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    8100 E 22nd St
    Wichita, KS US
  • Titan Chiropractic
    At Titan Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Doctor of Chiropractic Adam L. Pfannenstiel—Dr. Adam—seeks to free bodies of all ages from discomfort and chronic pain by focusing on nerves and spines. The board-certified chiropractor and board-certified acupuncturist is intent on dissolving energy blockages and restoring vertebrae to their naturally aligned states with acupuncture and light-force manipulation. In addition to traditional acupuncture, he employs electrical acupuncture, and he helps de-stress clients with a spectrum of holistic relaxation techniques, such as naps on pile of alpacas.
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    611 E 45th St N
    Maize, KS US
  • Advanced Alternatives for Health
    Dr. Stephen L'Hommedieu, D.C. decided to fill his mind tank with natural and alternative healing knowledge after a chiropractor helped him overcome a debilitating condition more than 30 years ago. He has discovered that the cause of many health problems lie in toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals?and by banishing them from the body, people can often heal themselves like he did. In addition to testing for nutritional and chemical sensitivities, his office also helps relieve clients' pain with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.
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    4601 E Douglas Ave., St.e 122
    Wichita, KS US
  • Sveta's Skin and Body Therapy
    Sveta's Skin & Body Therapy is a refreshing, full-service spa that specializes in luxurious treatments for over-stressed soul sacks. The essential massage promotes circulation and soothes away stress with soothing oils or lotions, helping bodies and minds become equally limber and worry-free. Strenuous games of Tiddlywinks and frequent over-clapping can cause premature signs of aging in the hands. The DermaNew system employs microdermabrasion technology to exfoliate outdated dermal cells, encouraging new cell growth, tightening skin, and decreasing the appearance of sunspots. Devastate your body's unique ecosystem with a smoothing Brazilian wax in one of Sveta's private waxing rooms ($50?$70, $39 for touch up), allowing you to finally understand the satisfaction of nineteenth-century timber barons. Instead of painful waxes, Sveta's performs all-natural, soy-based hair removal using Nufree and finipil. Nufree is a botanical hair remover that doesn't stick to the skin, while finipil helps to quell the rebellious follicular uprisings of new hair cells.
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    2141 N Bradley Fair Pkwy
    Wichita, KS US

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