Even people who have lived in the city for years look to a Wichita guide so they can find out about new things to do in Wichita. Wichita combines culture, expressed in its art museums and theaters, with the history that its museums commemorate, and there are plenty of restaurants featuring both local and international cuisine.

Any list of Wichita things to do should include the Mosley Street Melodrama dinner theater, featuring traditional barbecue along with comedy and dramatic presentations by aspiring local performers. Performances also include an interactive component where members of the audience are asked to participate in skits and games. The Crown Uptown Theater is another alternative for dinner theater, and it includes children's theater shows as well as lunch and dinner buffets for kids and adults.

Residents who appreciate both local cuisine and a pleasant dining atmosphere head for the Old Mill Tasty Shop, which serves Southwestern treats in a recreated diner of old that even has an authentic soda fountain. It is a perfect place to relax after looking for Wichita deals in the nearby Old Town shopping and historical area.

A comprehensive guide to Wichita must mention some of the museums that attract locals who like to spend their free time learning about their historic city. One special museum is the Coleman Museum in the Old Town. It celebrates the history of the iconic camping goods manufacturer and is a part of the company's discount outlet. Ancient history is represented by the Museum of World Treasures, which includes dinosaur exhibits as well as artifacts that are more recent, and the Wild West period is commemorated by the Old Cowtown Museum.

Wichita is a city with plenty to do, and a Wichita guide helps local residents find what they are looking for when it comes to spending leisure time without leaving their home city.

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