Seafood Restaurants in Abilene

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The Lytle Land and Cattle Company obtains high-quality, corn-fed beef, which cooks chop on the premises and grill to smoky perfection. A meaty menu gathers protein-packed dinner fare such as yellowfin-tuna steak ($15.99) and heavily-marbled Abilenian rib eye ($26.99) imbued with the flavor of slow-burning mesquite wood and evenly grilled by the smoldering stares of covetous diners. For lunch, diners can rescue grilled or deep-fried pork chops mired in buttery mashed potatoes and surrounded by green beans ($10.49) or consume Sharon's zucchini and mushroom marinara with chicken ($9.99) or shrimp ($11.99).

1150 E South 11th St