Boxing & Kickboxing in Central East Austin

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Equipment: Ringside heavy bags, speed bags, kick bags, kettle bells, dumbbells

Students should bring: Workout clothes and water bottle

Registration required: No

Good for beginners: Yes

Average class length: 60 minutes

Number of Staff: 5?10 people

Class location: Indoors only

Established: 2006

Guests allowed: Yes

Parking: Parking garage

Pro Tip: Parking is validated in The Quarters parking garage. No need to feel intimidated. No contact boxing

Q&A with the Owner

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

Clients love Fight Club because no two classes will ever be the same. This makes class always exciting and prevents boredom. Clients can see results in as little as two weeks, so the quick improvements motivate return. Our trainers know every client by name and will always give personal and positive feedback. We offer many classes a day to accommodate all schedules.

Do you run your gym according to a particular exercise philosophy?

Music is everything. We workout to loud, motivating, and upbeat music to "pump-up" clients. Fight Club has been described as "a dance party where you get to beat stuff up." It's very judgement free ? clients are only focused on their own workout and everyone works at their own level. We have a philosophy that clients who don't feel at home the second they walk in our gym for the first time won't come back. Because of this, it's our top priority to show new clients around, teach them the basic punches, tell them where to put their stuff, etc. right when they walk in the door so that they feel welcome and comfortable with everything when class starts.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

Many people feel intimated upon trying their first class. It's important for prospective clients to know that we have at least five newcomers in every class who are in the same boat. We teach new clients everything they need to know before class starts, so they'll never feel lost or out of place. It's an intimidating environment at first glance, as the front of our facility has an elevated boxing ring. We always tell clients that there's no person-to-person contact in class ? the only things you hit/kick are bags. It's also important that people know our gym is strictly a fitness class. We incorporate all aspects of kickboxing, but our primary focus is a full body workout rather than teaching self defense or any specific type of boxing skill.

2222 Rio Grande St Ste 170

The place formerly known as South Congress Athletic Club now greets exercisers with a new name, a fresh infusion of energy, and a staff of passionate trainers. Ignite Fitnez has everything you could ask for from a gym, including plenty of airy space for weightlifting and one-on-one coaching sessions. To slow down their pumped-up pulses, members can enroll in yoga classes that relax the mind and body. Other classes include kickboxing, martial arts, and weight training. And there's even more to be found right outside the gym's doors; the location is just a short distance from hiking trails lined with boulders begging to be thrown.

1109 South Congress Avenue