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Up in Pieces prints custom jigsaw puzzles in various shapes and designs, using your personal photos and water-resistant UltraChrome inks, which are said to last 80 years before fading. Puzzle purchasers can tinker with a slew of options on the shop’s website to create custom puzzles ($20 base price for an 8”x10” puzzle) or choose from four unique puzzle-piece styles, with the option to add novelty pieces ($5 each) cut to look like butterflies, words, or famous Lithuanian diplomats. Predesigned cuts allow customers to decorate an 8”x10” cake-shaped puzzle ($25) or beautify an 8”x10” heart-shaped puzzle ($25) with the countenance of a loved one. In addition, an in-house graphic designer oversees every Up in Pieces puzzle order to ensure clients’ photos remain vibrant and are never stretched or skewed.

2012 S Curtis Cir