Podiatrist in Gainesville

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  • Hands Feet & Beyond
    Dr. Rick Jahn draws upon more than 5,000 years of wisdom when he treats his patients with nutrition response and whole food supplements therapies. The millennia have taught him how to use acupuncture needles and herbs to restore vitality to ailing bodies and how to always win Pin the Tail on the Water Buffalo at birthday parties. Dr. Jahn's medical career has taken him through China and New Zealand, as well as aboard luxury cruise ships to practice as the at-sea doctor.
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    9700 Philips Hwy.
    Jacksonville, FL US
  • First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic
    Along with a team of medical experts, Dr. Vimal Reddy of the First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic focuses on relieving pain caused by a variety of foot conditions. The doctor performs a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan for every child, adult, and senior who walks in his door, working on getting patients back to a healthy state following a repetitive stress or impromptu cartwheeling injury. He treats everything from calluses and heel spurs to arthritis and flat feet, and also uses FDA-approved technology such as the Noveon NaiLaser to remove toenail fungus.
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    3840 Belfort Road
    Jacksonville, FL US
  • Verde Melissa C Dpm
    Once clients are comfortably ensconced in the dentist's chair, the oral exam begins. The dentist and his/her fellow toothsperts will check each individual incisor, cuspid, bicuspid, and molar for chips, cracks, staining, and loitering Minnesota Twins, ensuring that enamel bones are sound for biting, and gums and soft tissues will be inspected for any signs of periodontal disease. The x-ray battery exposes the roots and inner sanctums of oral stalagmites to reveal any soft spots, problem areas, or cavities. When your mouth checks out as mammalian and your teeth are cleared for take-off, the professional teeth cleaning begins. An expert cleaning removes all the buildup and surface staining that regular brushing and flossing can't—hardened tartar, hard-to-reach plaque, and bacterial graffiti along the gum line.
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    1385 W State Road 434
    Longwood, FL US