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Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon provides an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. Families will be pleased to know that Claim Jumper Restaurants have been named one of the 10 Best Family Restaurants in the U.S. with award winning children’s menus to keep the little ones happy. Parents can savor hearty dishes like the Chicken Pot Pie, which, according to the menu, is "a Claim Jumper classic since 1977." Far out! Check out the vegetarian and gluten free menu for a variety of choices. Claim Jumper favorites include the Steak Chili Sourdough Bowl and the Country Fried Steak. Order food for takeout, or have a party and order a set of platters. Guests should visit the restaurant’s website to get the latest news on specials and menu changes. Get jumping to Claim Jumper for a fantastic meal.

601 N Green Valley Pkwy