Pets in Hereford

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  • Animal Lodge
    Run by pet-loving couple Andy and Michelle, Animal Lodge pampers dogs and cats with luxurious grooming, daycare, and boarding services. Within the picket-fence perimeter of dog daycare, pooches play with fellow canines, rather than their cruelly coquettish tails, as they gnaw on toys and amble across slides and playground equipment. Boarding services let vacationing pet parents rest easy while their furry friends relax in personal sleeping areas and get 10 hours of daily playtime under the supervision of Animal Lodge's attendants. In the grooming salon, dirty pets indulge in head-to-toe primping, which includes all-natural shampoos and conditioners, coat and tooth brushing, nail trimming, and other services that leave pets extra clean before visits from animal-wary relatives or home invasions by rampaging dog-show judges. Shelves of baked treats and pet supplies provide pups with plush toys and pigs' ears on the way out the door.
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    3201 S Western St.
    Amarillo, TX US
  • Critter Camp
    Critter Camp caters to each client’s furry family members, ensuring a memorable vacation for Fidos and Felixes alike. A cage-free getaway for four-legged friends, Critter Camp keeps a counselor on-site 24 hours a day to aid homesick pets or separation-anxious alpha dogs, and security cameras are planted throughout the facility so proud parents can check on their pets while they play. Dogs can choose from 10 play yards to romp in with friends, enjoy a dive into the swimming pool or the sandbox stacked with bones, or placate a human’s seemingly insatiable need to throw a frisbee over and over again. Play groups are arranged by size and temperament, separating possessive pomeranians from bashful bulldogs.
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    6105 W Rockwell Rd
    Canyon, TX US
  • Above and Beyond Pet Care Hospital
    At Above & Beyond Pet Care Hospital, certified level 1 pet-care technicians help administer medical treatments to pets, utilizing X-rays, physical therapy, and lab tests that keep four-legged companions feeling their best. The hospital’s three doctors can guide pets through chemotherapy, perform breed testing, or utilize stem-cell therapy for torn tissues and fractures. Due to the doctors’ evident skills, the American Animal Hospital Association has vouched for Above & Beyond since 2006, the first year a puppy landed on the moon. Healthy and ailing pets alike stay in Above & Beyond’s animal resort, replete with spacious accommodations for both dogs and cats. As animals unwind in the luxurious confines, they can do laps in an indoor swimming pool or frolic in a group play area, among other services.
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    11302 Indiana Ave
    Lubbock, TX US
  • Pet's Plus
    Introducing pets to families since 1983, Pets Plus drops little bundles of furry or scaled joy into loving homes, along with all the supplies necessary for a fun and enriching life. The shop’s four-legged lineup changes over time, filling its ranks with critters of all ages and types. Two playrooms offer prospective pet parents and siblings ample space to bond and play with puppies or kittens. A large selection of reptiles and birds are available for adoption or employment as human bodyguards. Beyond nurturing the animals, the store’s staff also point customers in the direction of toys, pet beds, collars and leashes, as well as flea- and tick-prevention supplies.
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    6419 University Avenue
    Lubbock, TX US
  • Smoking Vapor Kiosk South Plains Mall
    While cigarettes from Smoking Vapor curb nicotine cravings, they never emit a puff of smoke. The electric cigarette's LED tip lights up as it releases customizable doses of nicotine in time with users’ drags, stripping the smoking experience of tobacco, toxins, and smoke itself. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries or strikes of lightning power each of the cigarettes, which immediately detect users’ puffs via a microprocessor and sensor, with no button pushing required. Smokers can select from traditional or flavored nicotine cartridges. A variety of flavors are available in stores, including Grape, Coffee, and Strawberry.
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    6002 Slide Road
    Lubbock, TX US