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  • Blueridge Beauty
    Blueridge Beauty's aesthetician Stephanie Litten calls on 15 years of experience when performing spa services and holistic therapies that aim to enhance appearances and soothe away stress. An array of massage modalities ease aching muscles, and South African Bio Sculpture gel enlivens fingers with chip-resistant coats of bright color, allowing nails to grow stronger than a diamond-eating bodybuilder. Waxing treatments banish unwanted fuzz and heated paraffin wax cleanses façades during facials and pampers feet during pedicures.
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    1548 Roanoke Road
    Daleville, VA US
  • Plaza 101 Salon & Spa
    The staff at Plaza 101 Salon and Spa helps clients look their best from crown to toenail, cultivating elegant looks amid stately surroundings of exposed brick and mahogany furnishings. In addition to trimming wayward strands, the stylists can invent a dramatic new look by using highlights or lowlights to add depth and dimension. The salon's massage therapist designs custom sessions that can incorporate a m?lange of Swedish, deep-tissue, shiatsu, myofascial-release, and reiki therapies in order to address each individual's needs. While the nail technicians beautify digits with the rejuvenating benefits of paraffin dips and Dead Sea salt, Dr. Debra Mowery steps in to offer physician-supervised cosmetic procedures, including injectable dermal fillers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion sessions that can improve the skin's tone, texture, and bioluminescent capabilities.
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    3509 Hounds Chase Lane Southwest
    Roanoke, VA US
  • Salon At Studio E
    Salon at Studio E's stylists wield Big Sexy Hair products as they cut and color manes in a black-and-white boutique salon peppered with scarlet accents. A large photo of Marilyn Monroe pays homage to old Hollywood glamour as clients declare their style preferences during consultations. Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes gloss glazes hair with lustrous, translucent hues, and deep-conditioning treatments call upon the most appropriate brand to soothe frizz-stricken strands and render them as smooth as Barry White's pet dolphin.
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    3031 Peters Creek Rd
    Roanoke, VA US
    There's a reason this Paul Mitchell Focus Salon is called Styles From The Heart. The stylists here pour everything they have into each hair service, though they always start with what guests have their heart set on. The result is a look that belongs solely to its wearer?one that expresses their personal style, embellishes their most flattering features, and never exceeds the height of their ceilings at home.
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    15630 Stewartsville Road
    Vinton, VA US
  • Oasis Esthetics
    Moisturizer: A Recipe for Supple Skin A cocktail of different ingredients is needed to soothe dry, scaly skin. Find out how they work in Groupon's guide to moisturizer. Oily skin is generally considered a beauty problem?but in fact, oil is a major ingredient in making our skin look its best. A coating of natural oils secreted by the pores typically protects the outermost layer of the skin, a thin sheath of cells called the stratum corneum. But when there's not enough oil, the cells dry out and shrivel, causing flaking, roughness, and wrinkles. Moisturizers aim to make up for this drought by locking water molecules into the skin. The simplest moisturizers are occlusive agents such as petroleum jelly, which form a physical barrier to keep water from escaping. Though great for rough elbows and chapped lips, occlusive agents are usually too greasy and heavy to be used on the face. Instead, commercially produced moisturizers often feature emollients such as lanolin, which flow into and fill the spaces between cells to make skin look suppler and smoother. Some emollients are oil-based, and form a protective coating similar to occlusive agents, but for skin that's already oily, a lighter, water-based emollient can work without leaving behind greasy residue. Another common ingredient, humectants, attract moisture from the air and keep it bound against the skin; glycerin is an especially popular option. Humectants are especially important for aging or extremely dry skin that doesn't produce enough moisture on its own. Besides these skin-softening substances, many moisturizers will also include specialized ingredients, such as a sunscreen that blocks UV rays or vitamins intended to even out skin tone and make up for not bathing in enough vegetable juice. An important consideration, especially for oily skin, is whether or not a moisturizer will exacerbate acne. Although some products bear the label "noncomedogenic"?from comedone, a scientific term for blackheads and whiteheads?the truth is that most modern facial moisturizers will not clog your pores. Instead, the most important consideration should simply be how it feels on your face.
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    105 Summerfield Court
    Roanoke, VA US
  • Studio 419
    Men, women, and kids can all take a seat in the styling chairs at Studio 419, where stylists craft fresh new looks with cuts and a wide range of salon treatments. The staff specializes in Keratin Complex smoothing treatments, which straighten locks into sleek, shiny styles, and master colorists transform hair with all-over color, partial highlight, and full highlight services. Along with hair care, Studio 419 also offers gel nail services, natural-nail mani-pedis, and body waxing services.
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    4523 Brambelton
    Ronaoke, VA US